Where To Put TV In Living Room With Bay Window?

Where To Put TV In Living Room With Bay Window? – [Explained]

TV placement in a living room with a window is a crucial task. You should figure out the right place for the TV according to your furniture placement.

Generally, You should place your TV in a place where your TV screen receives minimum glare from the natural light. You should experiment with your TV positioning to know where it suits most. Furniture placement in a room with a bay window is also a crucial task.

Read below to know different ways to install your TV in a room with a bay window.

Factors To Consider While Placing A TV In A Room Having A Bay Window:

Before you install your smart TV in a room with a bay window, firstly you should consider some things while arranging your furniture according to your TV. Have a look at them.

Tv in a Room Having A Bay Window

Light Angle:

Firstly consider which wall receives the maximum light and what is the intensity of light at different timings. You should thoroughly observe this situation for days.

If your room has a west or east-facing window, you will receive intense sunlight on the TV screen. Likewise, having a South or North facing window, the light will be indirect.

This window option provides you with more options for hanging your smart TV. Additionally, you can use thick or light blocking-curtains to reduce the effect of reflections

Furniture Size:

Placing a long coach in your living room will take up one side of your living room. Then you will want to install your TV on the front of it. You should place your furniture or TV in a way that it would not be obstructed in any way.

Your furniture placement should be practical to avoid any issues. So you should try to figure out the furniture positioning according to your bay window.

Other Obstacles:

Entry points of your living room will affect the placement of your furniture in terms of TV position. Other instructions like cable connections can also limit the furniture placement. However, you can solve these issues by proper planning or buying extension cords.

What Are The Different Ways Of Hanging Your TV In A Bay Window Room?

Hanging Your TV In A Bay Window Room

There are pros and cons to almost every possible option for hanging your TV in a bay window room. Let’s look for the different options for installing TV in a room having a bay window.

Wall Across From Bay Window:

If you have a wall in the North or South direction from the bay window, then it is best to install a TV there. Because this wall receives indirect sunlight after entering the room, you won’t receive strong glare on your TV screen.

On the other hand, if your room has an East or West direction wall from the bay window then you will receive a harsh glare on your TV screen during the sunlight time.

In this situation, you have to put some furniture in front of your window, as it can be a much more functional option.

Wall Next To Bay Window:

If you install your smart TV, next to the bay window, it would be a great option to minimize the glare effects. Additionally, you will get more options to place furniture in your room. When you have a bay window on one side and an open wall to the other side of the window, it produces an amazingly appealing look in your living room.

This symmetry of your living room creates an optical illusion and your living room seems much bigger than it is. You can place your tables in front of the bay window, which makes it a perfect space for sitting.

Inside The Bay Window:

One of the most practical approaches while installing your TV is its placement inside the bay window. In this way, the rest of your living room is served as a wide array of furniture placement.

Furthermore, you can install a smart TV directly on a stand inside the bay window. On the other hand, if your window has a deep ledge, you can also place your smart TV directly on it.

Also, if your bay window has enough wall space above it, you can place your TV using a ceiling mount or corner mount.

If you want a ceiling-mounted TV, it leaves an open space to arrange your furniture. However, you need to buy cord hiders or extensions to hide the hanging cables.

Layout For The Living Room Having A Bay Window:

Follow the below tips to arrange your room with a bay window;

3d design of Living Room Having Bay Windows and a TV


A bay window in the living room makes it more pleasant. Because a bay window is a center to do furniture placement. You can place a couch opposite the window to balance out the room’s weight.

Additionally, you can place some larger pieces on a wall opposite the window like a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to properly balance your room. For installing a TV, follow the above-mentioned options.


Bay windows are an aesthetically pleasing addition to your living room. It can be a great source of direct natural light. However, there are issues associated with bay windows; as they limit your ability of furniture placement.

But you still have many options to install your TV in a room with a bay window. You should follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to hang your TV according to the bay window and furniture placement.

Hope you get information to solve your TV installation issues according to the bay window.

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