What Is Real Cinema On LG TV?

What Is Real Cinema On LG TV? – [Complete Visual Guide]

Everyone wants to feel cinematic exposure at home. Now, this is possible with an LG TV having real cinema features.

Real cinema on LG TV applies around 1 nm-sized nanoparticle that produces pure colors and filters. It reduces dullness from the pictures thus enhancing the color and image purity. You will get a stunning visual experience with real cinema mode on LG TV.

Thus you can enjoy a professional cinematic experience at home with incredible colors and contrast.

Real Cinema mode provides you with intense colors and contrast. Usually, Real Cinema mode has lower brightness so you can enjoy watching movies in darkness.

Let’s explore more about LG TV’s Real Cinema mode.

What Is Meant By Real Cinema On LG TV?

With LG’s real Cinema feature, you can enjoy 100% color volume.

LG TV can express 100% DCI-P3 spectrum with a 3D color space that is across the full luminance range of TV. It shows that the image colors will remain vivid and have full saturation irrespective of the brightness or darkness of the screen.

Real Cinema On LG TV

In LG TV, real cinema is also called TruMotion. Real cinema setting is available in many LG TVs like LG 1080P. Real cinema is only available when 24HZ content is playing on your smart TV.

Real Cinema Mode delivers fine-turned-picture quality for TV shows and movies. It is a perfect balance of colors without any harsh contrasting settings; sometimes comes with a vivid mode.

In Real Cinema mode, LG TV offers low brightness while increasing the warmth in your pictures. So this is the best mode for watching movies. This mode works best in darker rooms.

Mostly OLED TV uses real cinema mode as a default as this feature delivers a perfect balance of brightness and colors.

How Real Cinema On LG TV Works?

Most movies are shot at 24p. However, most of the TV shows are shot in 30p or 60p which adds extra frames to it. Sometimes these frames work well on the screen and you don’t feel any difference.

On the other hand, sometimes this difference is so noticeable that extra frames produce a blurring effect on the screen.

Real cinema mode determines the original frame ratio and uses it without the addition of artificial frames. This does not show that content will be displayed in its original form, however, the frame rate can be adjusted slightly to enhance the visual experience.

Sometimes Real Cinema mode will reduce the brightness. Some people don’t like this feature. But it is the best mode for watching movies or TV shows as it reduces the judder effects on the screen.

Can I Turn Off LG Real Cinema?

Yes, you can turn it Off. In LG TV, the real cinema feature is called TruMotion. You can easily disable or turn Off this feature in your LG TV.

You have to follow the below steps if you want to turn it Off.

  • Go to the Picture option. In the Picture Settings menu, you can find many picture options. There are several image-processing features that you can disable or adjust, including the TruMotion feature.
  • From this, open the TruMotion settings.
  • Now disable this TruMotion setting.
  • Then make sure to adjust user settings.

However, there are some conditions when you can disable real cinema features. You can select the real cinema feature only when video signals are equal to 24Hz or 60i.

If computer video cards produce nothing then real cinema is either activated or deactivated.

Advantages Of Real Cinema On LG TV:

There are many advantages of real cinema on LG TV. Some of them are below.

Advantages Of Real Cinema with pure colours

Bring Out The Creator’s Vision:

You can watch movies and TV shows with a real cinematic experience.

In a real cinema feature, the color or contrast of the screen, or screen brightness can be adjusted according to the light conditions. With an LG TV real cinema experience you can enjoy immense audio with the optimal viewing experience.

You can enjoy watching your favorite movies with professional cinematic technology that offers intense details with incredible contrast.

Pure Colors:

With LG TV, you can get pure color images and turn your home into a movie theater. LG Real Cinema produces pure and original colors by filtering out the dull colors of images thus enhancing the picture quality and purity.

You can get an amazing and stunning visual experience on LG TV’s ultra-large screen.

Cinematic Effects:

With LG TV real cinema you can get a redefined cinematic experience having the optimal cinematic features. You can bring a Hollywood-like experience to your home with real cinema features.

In real cinema, it can adjust the picture quality. You can watch your favorite content with an intense cinematic experience. Real cinema features make your content according to the cinematic standard and give you a feeling of artistic experience in every TV show.


Watching movies in Real Cinema mode on LG TV is a worthy experience. You can turn your living room into a cinematic environment with LG TV Real Cinema mode.

Real Cinema mode will bring out the real colors, contrast, or brightness that is adjusted according to the light conditions of your room.

Usually, Real Cinema has low brightness levels so you can watch movies in a darker room with a fully cinematic experience.

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