Can You Return A TV To Walmart Without The Box?

Can You Return A TV To Walmart Without The Box? – [Explained]

When you purchase an item and it doesn’t meet your expectations, you want to refund it. If you made a purchase with Walmart and you have a box and receipt of that item, then you can easily get your return.

Yes, You can easily return a TV to Walmart without a box within 30 days after purchase. However, you need the original packaging and a receipt for the TV return. Apart from that you have to return a TV with all the accessories like remote or legs. A damaged or scratched TV will not be returned.

Walmart accepts the TV without boxes but returns with boxes are much easier. As it will ease the identification process because boxes have barcodes for verification of the purchase.

If you don’t have a box of your TV, it will not affect the return process. Walmart can still return the TV if you meet all other terms and conditions for return.

Is It Possible To Return A TV To Walmart Without A Box?

Yes, you can easily return a TV to Walmart without an original box within a time limit of 30 days from your purchase. The most important thing is that you should have a receipt and original packaging while returning it.


However, your TV should not have any damage otherwise it won’t return. If you return the TV within 30 days and the TV is in great condition, then you will get a complete refund. In addition, you have to return your TV with accessories such as a remote or legs.

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Can I Return My TV To Walmart After 30 Days?

You can easily return your TV to Walmart and even get a refund within 30 days. If you pass this 30-day window, your purchase will not return or refund.

If the store will not accept your return then you can contact the store manager. Or you can also visit some other Walmart stores for the return of your purchase. The store manager will assist you in your return process. In addition, you can also complain to the Walmart corporate headquarters if the store is unable to assist you.

If you buy a TV through Walmart online store, you can mail them and easily return it to the Walmart store. Another way is to start the return process online by visiting the Walmart return page. Ensure to put all the relevant TV accessories while packing your return.

Then you have to take your parcel to the post office or local FedEx. Your purchase will be refunded after Walmart receives your item. If you wonder whether Walmart will accept your return or not, you can add a TC number on your receipt.

Can Walmart Return A TV Without A Receipt?

TV receipts are helpful in your refund process. But what happens if you don’t have a receipt or somehow lost it? You can still return your TV without a receipt. But the return process should be within 30 days after purchase.

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In case of returns without receipts, these items will only be eligible for exchange not for a refund. Below we discuss the process of returning an in-store or online TV purchase.

In-Store Return process:

In-Store return without a receipt to a Walmart store needs original packaging and an ID card for verification. Furthermore, you have to bring the same credit or debit card having a chip from which you purchase in-store. Using your details, Walmart scans the barcode on the original TV packaging to know about the product details.

When you return an item with the original payment method, it will speed up the return process. In this case, the verification process becomes faster and you will get your return within 5 working days. When your TV return is approved, you can go for an exchange if your TV has some technical issues or opt for store credits.

Online return process:

Online TV purchases from Walmart can be returned, even if you lost your online purchase slip. These non-receipt online returns will take place in two ways. You can either mail back your TV or return it to any Walmart store within 30 days after your purchase. Otherwise, your non-receipt online return item will only be exchanged.

When returning your TV by mail, you have to log into the account. Then complete your return form and get a printed shipping label. Otherwise, you can also contact a customer care representative to start the return process of your TV. This representative sends you a Walmart return shipping label.

In addition, if you purchase a TV from a third party on, then you are not eligible for a return. Because market sellers have different returning policies or rules.

Return with a receipt:

When you have a receipt of your purchase, Walmart will refund your amount through the same payment method. However, these returning items have a period of 30 days for returns. If you purchase an item with a debit card then this amount will not refund to your account.

However, the time for the return process depends on the return method whether it is online or in-store. When you have a receipt for a purchase, you can also be eligible for a refund or exchange for open-box TVs.

How Will Walmart Refund TV Returns To Their Customers?

Walmart TV refunds depend on whether you have an original purchase receipt of the item or not. In this way, you are eligible for the exchange of the same item, refund, or store credit.

If a customer has a receipt for a purchase, Walmart will refund the amount of the purchased item by the original payment method. Even if a customer purchases with eGift cards or Walmart plastic cards are also eligible for a refund.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a receipt, you have the option of exchanging the same item or refunding a Walmart gift card. In the end, you will not get any refund if you don’t have a receipt.


Walmart has a wide option for TV return policies for their customers. Walmart has rules and regulations for every purchase even if it is made online, in-store, or from a third-party marketplace. You can even return a TV without a box to Walmart within 30 days after its purchase. But original packaging and a receipt are necessary for the open box TV return.

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