Should A Wall Mounted TV Be Tilted?

Should A Wall Mounted TV Be Tilted? – [Complete Information]

Are you having difficulty watching TV? If you place a TV screen above your eye level it will cause eye or neck strain thus causing neck stiffness and fatigue.

To avoid this issue you can simply tilt your TV wall mount.

Yes, you can tilt a TV wall mount. If your TV is above your eye level, you can tilt it downward to avoid eye or neck strain. Tilting the TV screen can also reduce the glare of room lights.

Aesthetically, a tilted screen serves as a better option in your room.

Let’s read this guide and find out more about tilting TV wall mounts.

Why Should I Get A Tilted TV Wall Mount?

Tilted TV Wall Mount

A tilted TV mount is necessary to watch TV at a right angle. With a tilted TV mount, you can adjust the TV according to your sitting arrangement.

Tilted TV mounts are suitable when your TV is placed above the optimal viewing level. In this way, you tilt the TV screen and prevent neck strain when watching TV.

Tilted TV mounts are also helpful in dealing with screen reflections or glare that are caused by open windows or room lights.

Tilted TV mounts are necessary when you want to place your smart TV over a fireplace in your room. Placing the TV above the fireplace also raises the TV above eye level. So tilting the TV mount would be helpful for you.

Additionally, you can tilt a TV around 45 degrees to get a maximum viewing angle.

Moreover, tilting the TV screen gives a clean and slim look to your wall and aesthetically looks pleasant.

How Can I Adjust The Tilted TV Mount?

When you have a tilted TV mount, you can adjust it according to your eye level to avoid neck strain. Following are some points that you should consider while adjusting the tilted TV mount.

Height Of TV:

If you want to adjust the right angle of your smart TV then you should consider its height. Ideally, the placing height of your smart TV must be high enough that the center of the screen is according to your eye level when you sit down to watch TV.

However, this is suitable for a person but if there are multiple people in a room then everyone’s ideal screen level could not be achieved.

Viewing of a TV will change according to a person’s height, sitting arrangement, and distance between the screen and your seat.

Your Viewing Angle:

Your viewing angle also matters a lot. If your TV has a tilt of +/- 25 degrees then it is acceptable. However, it directly depends on the situation of your room.

Additionally, it also affects glare reduction, comfort, and reduced neck strain. These factors have more importance than the exact tilting angle of your TV.

However, clarity, resolution, refresh rate, and image quality do not affect the viewing angle.

A perfect viewing angle will not cause any neck strain, minimize glare, and give you a comfortable viewing experience.

Benefits Of Tilted TV Mounts:

Tilted TV mounts have multiple benefits. Let’s discuss some unique features of having a tilted TV wall mount.

Tilted TV Mounts

Reduces Glare:

With a tilted mount, you can adjust your TV screen at any time. If your room light or sun glare reflects on your TV screen, then you can adjust it.

Reduce Eye Or Neck Strain:

If your TV screen is not at a right angle and you feel a stiff or fatigued neck after watching TV for some time, that means your TV is placed high from your eye level. So you should try to shift it down to reduce neck or eye strain.

Adjusting the screen at the right angle reduces discomfort. In this case, a tilted mount will be very helpful in adjusting the TV’s height.

Offers Space For Cables:

Tilted TV mounts come with many benefits. One of them is that there is enough space behind the TV to hide cables or internet devices.

The latest TV models require very few cables so these can easily hide behind the TV. In this way, tilted TV mounts offer a perfect space between your TV and the wall.

Changing Of Viewing Angles:

Tilted TV mounts offer flexible viewing angles. If you have a TV above the fireplace, then you can tilt your TV screen to adjust it according to your eye level.

Final Argument:

The viewing angle of tilted TV wall mounts is different for each room.

Furthermore, specific TV height won’t work out for every person. So ensure to take the proper measurements of the TV screen in your sitting area. Resultantly, you will get the best viewing experience.

Hope this article helps you to better understand tilted TV wall mounts.

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