Should I Watch TV if I Can't Sleep

Should I Watch TV If I Can’t Sleep? – [Complete Information]

In this fast world, we can find at least one insomnia (sleeplessness) patient in almost every home. And in China, people say they face sleeplessness problems three times a week on average.

While thinking about insomnia, the easiest way to fall asleep is by turning the TV on. But a question comes to almost everyone’s mind: Should I watch TV if I can’t sleep?

Well, if it works for you and you fall asleep with the TV on, you can do it once in a while. But experts don’t recommend doing it every now and then as it can cause many health issues.

Some of them are:

  • Hormone disruption
  • Disturbance in the sleep cycle
  • Lack of sleep

This is quite a thorough topic. That’s why we have come up with every beneficial knowledge for you:

Watching TV Before Sleeping – Explained

Finding difficulty sleeping at night and waking up with a fresh mind in the morning is not new. Normally, people think that we (humans) just need some relaxation to fall asleep quickly. Well, it’s true to some extent, but TV should not be your mode of relaxation right before sleeping.

watching tv while sleeping

But before anything else, let’s find out how and why TV helps us fall asleep in next to no time.

How Does TV Help Us Fall Asleep?

Not just insomnia patients but every other human also starts feeling sleepy after watching TV screens for so much time. It’s because of many reasons, but the most famous and unwanted one is the effect of blue rays.

When you get exposed to blue rays more than appropriate, your eyes get tired extremely quickly. That is why your eyes can’t do anything but get closed in this situation. Another reason is that watching TV before sleeping makes us sleep faster because watching TV in the dark makes our brain and eyes do some extra work due to the excessive brightness of the TV screen.

But wait! Watching TV before sleeping is not too bad, especially if you are aware of its consequences. Watching a TV screen is better than watching a laptop, mobile, or tablet screen, as they all release more blue rays than the TV screen. Furthermore, you can also get blue-light-blocking glasses which you can wear while watching TV but have to be put off while sleeping.

Effects of Watching TV Before Falling Asleep:

Other than excessive exposure to blue light, there are many other effects that TV can apply on your body. So, here are all of them:

Sleep Dept:

Sleep debt is the most common issue faced by people who watch TV before sleeping. We all have heard about 8 hours of sleep at least once. Right? It’s actually true and scientifically proven that your body needs more or less 8 hours of sleep to properly work all day. And when you miss a few hours, it’s called sleep debt.

When you watch a TV screen extensively before sleeping, the brightness of the screen will make your brain think that it’s the day (and not night). That’s how your brain will not be at complete rest. Hence, you will wake up randomly in the middle of the night for no reason.

This will lead you to an improper sleep cycle. If you continuously do it, you might get ill quite soon, as unfitting sleep is one of the reasons for many mental and physical diseases.

Health Issues:

As we’ve already mentioned that damaged sleep cycle might lead you to many ordinary and severe diseases, hence some of which are:

  • Emotional instability
  • Gain in weight
  • Ordinary memory loss
  • Diminished immune system
  • Hypertension
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Increased risk of heart problems

Less Melatonin in Body:

You already know about blue light rays that are released by TV screens. But you might be unaware of its (probably) biggest effect, which is less melatonin production.

Melatonin is a hormone that our bodies automatically make. This hormone regulates the rhythm of the day and night cycle for our body. In short, due to melatonin, our bodies get to know whether it is day or night.

When our bodies face its deficiency, our brains might get tricked. When our brain doesn’t know whether it’s day or night, it might not perform all involuntary actions properly.

If you feel that your body is not producing enough amount of melatonin, you can opt for its supplements (but only after consulting a doctor).

How NOT to Watch TV Before Falling Asleep?


The best way to get rid of this habit is by replacing it with any other habit, like reading books. But if your sleep completely depends on watching TV (or any screen), you need to do some extra hard work and try different things.

We’ve compiled all possible ways to get rid of watching TV right before sleeping. Choose those that suit you!

Understand Consequences:

The first thing you need to do is understand what watching TV before sleeping brings you. You already know the effects of it. Right? You just need to re-read and understand all effects and consequences. This will give you the motivation to go towards a better life cycle. For example, if you are afraid of gaining weight, you will try your level best to eliminate this habit.

No Caffeine:

Stay away from caffeine for a good time. Once your sleep gets right, you can get back to it. If you find it extremely difficult to leave caffeine, don’t drink it at night (before sleeping).

No Exercise at Night:

Usually, exercise helps you complete your sleep nicely. But when you do it late at night, just before sleeping, you might find it difficult to sleep.

Melatonin Supplements:

As we’ve already told you, you might have a deficiency of melatonin. So, take some supplements after visiting a doc.

Skip Alcohol:

You might feel that a glass of wine or beer will help you sleep better and immediately. But it’s not true. So, you better stay away from alcohol for some time.

Change Routine:


The best possible thing and the most difficult thing (in this case) you can do is to change your daily routine and sleep cycle. We all know you are watching TV to fall asleep as quickly as possible. Right? So why not treat trouble to the source?

To change the sleeping routine and make it, you first need to decide on an appropriate time (maybe 10 pm). After that, you need to be in your bed at that time at any cost without any screen or light near you.

In the beginning, you will not feel sleepy. But to fall asleep, you can try different things like hearing pleasant music or a soothing podcast. That’s how you will establish a new sleep cycle eventually.

watching tv

Try a Sleeping Mask:

After changing your routine, if you are finding it difficult to sleep (especially in the early days), you must try a sleeping mask.

Final Words:

Now you do not just know the answer to this question, “Should I watch TV if I can’t sleep?” but you also know about every vital information you might need to know.

So, keep yourself meters away from the TV screen before falling asleep to sleep better!

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