Can A TV Be Plugged Into A Power Strip?

Can A TV Be Plugged Into A Power Strip? – [Quick Answer!]

Normally, every home has quite a few electrical outlets. But at this time, when we are surrounded by electrical appliances, those outlets seem less, especially in old homes. That’s when a power strip comes into play. But can a TV be plugged into a power strip? Will a TV be affected when plugged into a power string?

Thankfully, Yes, you can plug your TV into a power strip. Not every appliance can be plugged into a power strip. However, a TV is not one of them, as an ordinary power strip has enough current that is needed for a TV.

Wait! There are many things you still need to know. So, read this thorough article completely:

Why Should You Worry About Plugging Your TV into a Power Strip?

Most power strips in the market are unable to provide enough power and current to operate high-capacity appliances and electronics that are used in a normal household. Due to this issue, this small power strip can damage and mess up your expensive appliances. That’s why many people are worried about it, just like you.

Plugging Your TV Into A Power Strip

Well, if you have a quite big TV and you opt for possibly a power strip of inferior quality, your TV can get damaged. So, the only thing you can do is buy a perfect power strip for your TV. The easiest way to do it is always to opt for a renowned brand that you can trust.

Moreover, you should never plug in more than two or three appliances while your TV is operating. Keep this aspect in mind, especially if you feel that your power strip can’t handle the load or your home electronics need too much electricity to operate. Otherwise, it may lead to an electrical fire.

How to Choose a Perfect Power Strip For Your TV?

We always hear a phrase quite often: “Safety First.” Now, you’ve to take it seriously because “there is no use crying over spilt milk.” So, without further ado, let’s pay some attention to things you need to consider before buying a power strip:

Go For Safety:

Usually, sellers assure you that their power strip is completely safe. But in different circumstances, you might need extra safety to ensure nothing goes wild.

For example, a circuit breaker is the most commonly used thing for power strips. For extra safety of your expensive TV and other appliances, you must buy one. Mostly, people use them when they (possibly) have high-voltage devices to plug in a power strip.

A circuit breaker will break the circuit once you overload your power strip or plug a device that requires excessive electricity to work. That’s how you will get away with every sort of short circuit. 15- or 20-amp circuit breakers are typically best for ordinary power strips.

Moreover, if your power strip or its wire will be used near water, you can also use GFCI in your house outlets. They protect you from electric shock in or near water by instantly disconnecting the circuit when any device shorts.

Choose For Your TV:


Every appliance requires different power strips, so you must be aware of that. You will simply get one for TV when you tell the salesman about your environment and appliances.

Pay Attention to Length and Configuration:

First, determine the length of the power strip wire (From outlet to possibly TV). After that, you must also know the configuration of the power strip that is needed. There are many different types of configurations like:

  • Standard
  • Side-facing
  • Front-facing
  • Rear-facing
  • End-mounted outlets

Tip: You can also use a surge protector instead of a power strip if you feel that power strips are not safer enough.

Safety Instructions For Using a Power Strip to Save Your TV:

Not just your TV, but not paying attention to safety while using a power strip can also make you end up with your house on fire. So, read these basic yet useful instructions carefully so that you don’t miss or forget any:

Tv in a room

  • Only Low-voltage Devices: As you already know, you can’t put an extra burden on a power strip (especially if it’s of too basic quality). If you are a skeptical kind of person, you should pay some good attention to this point. You should also use a suitable circuit breaker.
  • Power strip into another: Never plug one power strip into another. This can’t just damage your expensive appliances but also put your house on absolute fire.
  • Check Capacity: If you can’t determine how to prevent overload, simply read the handleable watts of the power strip. You can find them on the back of its pack. You will also need to know the watts of devices you want to plug into it. After that, add the watts of all appliances and compare them with that of the power strip. Now, only use those device/s if their watts are less than that of the strip.
  • Humid Area: Only use power strips in a humid area or near water if you have GFCI either in your house outlets or your power strips.
  • Rug, Mat, or Carpet: Never place an operating power strip or its wire under a rug, mat, or carpet. Because this might result in damage to the wire in the core, that’s how the wire will start getting hot, and you will never know. This mostly happens at night, and you never want to be surrounded by a smouldering fire while sleeping. Right?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Many Appliances Can I Plug in a Power Strip?

If your appliances do not require excessive electricity to work, you can plug in as many devices or electronics as there are outlets. In the case of high-capacity devices, you need to be super conscious. But we recommend you use a circuit breaker so that whenever you plug in an impossible-to-operate appliance, the breaker will trip.

What If It Sparks Whenever I Plug My TV into a Power Strip?

Usually, it happens when you overload a power strip, or it overheats. So, first, ensure that your power strip is not on the edge of a short circuit. If you see a spark while plugging your TV into that strip just once, it’s not a big deal. But if it keeps happening, the best way to get rid of this problem is by buying a new power strip because you don’t want any sort of BIG problem. Right?

When Will I Know That a Power Strip Needs to be Replaced?

There are many signs that show that you need to change the strip. When a power strip becomes old, it shows some indications like the strip becomes hot in next to no time, the wire gets damaged, the socket/s turns black, too many sparks occur while plugging a device, etc. If you notice any of these signals, change your power strip immediately.

Final Words:

Now, you know the answer to this question: can a TV be plugged into a power strip? But still, the thing that matters the most is safety. That’s why we have added every important information you need to know before plugging your TV into a power strip.

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