Can You Use Digital Signage As A TV?

Can You Use Digital Signage As A TV? – [Complete Details]

Digital signage is different from a TV. Digital signage has a specific purpose that attracts a targeted audience.

Yes you can use digital Signage as a TV. However you can use any screen type for this purpose. Because digital Signage is becoming popular fastly. It is very helpful in promoting businesses or attracting the targeted audience.

If you want to learn more about digital Signage and how to utilize it properly; read out this guide.

Difference Between Digital Signage And TV:

There are some differences between digital Signage and TV. The main difference between these two is that TV has a more functioning system.

Difference Between Digital Signage And TV

On the other hand, digital Signage lacks this feature. Moreover, the TV has a sound system but it is not present in the digital signage display.

In short, TV has more advancement and capabilities whereas digital Signage needs the support of some input to be useful. 

How To Understand The Basic Features Of Signage Vs. TV?

The working of digital signage and TV are somehow similar. The main purpose of the TV and digital Signage is to make a natural Focal Point that attracts potential customers. However, both of these have some differences; let’s discuss them in detail.

Digital Signage tv

Design And Look:

Digital Signage is very bright as compared to TV. Digital Signage has high brightness levels of around 2500+ cd/m2. On the other hand, the brightness level of the TV is only 350 cd/m2.

It is necessary to consider that high brightness levels consume more electricity. So it will result in higher utility bills. Moreover, digital signage is an interactive option to engage customers with your brand.

In the end, the digital signage is specifically designed for advertisements. On the other hand, TVs are designed to run for 6 to 8 hours while Digital Signage can operate 24/7 if needed.


Smart TV displays only limited types of content while digital signage shows every type of content like videos, social media feeds, online streams, slides, and motion graphics.

One of the downsides of digital Signage is that it needs a media player to run content on the screens. On the other hand, a smart TV has a built-in media player.


Your smart TV supports only limited types of inputs like HDMI ports. Moreover, some smart TVs also provide you with more options but it is dependent on the model type.

On the other hand, digital Signage can support multiple types of connectivity options like DVI, USB, and VGA.


Digital signage attracts more audience while TV is specifically designed to attract audiences just for fun or entertainment purposes.

Digital Signage specifically supports live advertisement. However, the digital signage is displayed in public places or outdoor areas so they’ll attract as many people as possible.

On the other hand, TV advertisements only attract specific audiences who are sitting and watching it in their homes or at a restaurant.


Smart TV is much cheaper as compared to digital Signage. Digital Signage is a comparatively costly way of advertisement. As it has higher-grade components.

Can We Set Up Digital Signage On Our TV?

Yes, you can set a digital Signage on TV. If you want digital Signage on your TV, you have to follow the below steps.

Setup Digital Signage on tv

Digital Signage display:

This screen will show the required content you want; in this situation, you will use a TV screen.

Digital Signage content management system:

It is a digital signage software. Using this you can publish your media like videos or images on your TV screen.

Digital Signage Player:

It is a media player that will run your digital Signage Content on the TV screen. It may be an external plug-in device like a Chromebox or Amazon Fire TV stick. In some cases, it may be embedded in TV.

Benefits Of Digital Signage Display:

Digital Signage is becoming very popular worldwide. So it is very necessary to know about its positive sides.

Digital Signage Display

Attracts Audience:

Digital signage displays attract audiences with brighter screens. It is an attractive and easy way to deliver your message to the targeted audience.

Easily Update Content:

One of the obvious benefits of digital Signage is you can update content regularly. As the screens are controlled through software, it will be very easy to switch out content or change it regularly.

Great Use Of Space:

TV usually holds specific content at once. However digital signage displays allow multiple pieces of content to be displayed one after the other. So digital signage will be a better and more attractive option to promote business.

Long-Term Financial Benefits:

As digital signage wants high investment it can be an excellent return in the long term. Because digital signage displays offer more opportunities for businesses to promote their products.


In this article, you learned how digital signage has various benefits over a TV.

Nowadays, many businesses have started using digital signage for advertisements. Using digital signage attracts a wide audience. Digital signage is a great way to convey information to the targeted audience.

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