What Is Volume Leveling On Vizio TV?

What Is Volume Leveling On Vizio TV? – [Complete Details]

Do you know you hate it when the volume suddenly increases by a mile for a particular advertisement while watching your favorite TV show?

But why are you worrying so much when you have Vizio TV?

Vizio TVs have this amazing feature called “volume leveling.” But what is Volume Levelling?

Volume Levelling on Vizio TV is a new technology that works to maintain the consistency of audio to help you enjoy watching TV.

Now, Do you want to make the most out of this amazing feature?

Keep reading this comprehensive article to end up with enough knowledge to use Volume Levelling properly on Vizio TV:

Understanding Volume Leveling on Vizio TVs:

Volume Levelling is indeed a new technology introduced by the developers of Vizio TV. This feature constantly works to keep the volume consistent all the time.

Volume Leveling On Vizio TV

No matter whether it’s a scene of war with a bomb blast or a scene in which people are whispering, you will never have to grab your remote to either decrease or increase the volume. Got it?

Why Should You Use Volume Levelling On Vizio TV?

If you are still confused about whether volume leveling is worth it or not, we have a few benefits of using volume leveling on Vizio TV. These benefits will help you determine whether you need it or not:

Consistent Volume:

The main feature of volume leveling is its biggest benefits. So now, you never need to change the volume from time to time.

Customizable Settings:

This feature is extremely customizable, which means you can find the right balance of different things to get the most out of volume leveling.

Easy to use:

Even if you are using Vizio TV or any smart TV for the first time, you will never get confused while using it.

Works with Most Content:

It is designed in such a way that volume leveling will work properly with most streaming services, including Netflix and Disney Plus.

Better Audio Quality:

Many people have given reviews about it and talked about the difference in quality when volume leveling is used.

Perfect for Big Families:

Do you live in a big family or have kids in the house where it’s almost impossible to watch your favorite TV show peacefully as everyone just always shouts? If so, Volume Levelling will take you out of this problem ever so smoothly.

Drawbacks of Using Volume Levelling on Vizio TV:

Let’s not just know about just one side of the coin. Hence, we are here to jump into some drawbacks of using volume leveling on Vizio TV, so you must know every aspect of using this feature:

Drawbacks of Using Volume Levelling on Vizio TV

Artificial Sound:

On the one hand, people have said that audio is enhanced when volume leveling is on. But some users have complained that it’s not enhancement but it’s a new and artificial sound created by AI.

Delay in Sound:

Not every time, but it is seen that you might face the problem of delay in sound with this feature.

Reduced Dynamic Range:

The dynamic range of content you are watching with volume leveling will always be reduced, which makes some content sound less engaging.

Limited Effectiveness:

It is also seen that this feature seems to be effective for a short period, and after that, it stops working.

Not Ideal for Low-volume Content:

In some movies and shows, sometimes the volume starts busting your ears, and all of a sudden, they start talking politely with extremely low volume. Right?

In these kinds of cases, it is seen that when you customize settings and keep volume ‘low,’ this feature will decrease the volume in case of high volume but not increase when characters are whispering.

In the end, it’s not about the pros and cons, but it’s all about your needs. If you think that the benefits of Volume Levelling are exactly what you need, you should try it.

How to Use Volume Levelling on Vizio TV?

Now that you have a good idea of what volume leveling can provide you and what not, you must also know the right way of using volume leveling on Vizio TV.

If you already know where is volume leveling feature on your Vizio TV, you might have already tried using it. But that might be the wrong way if it’s not similar to the way we have compiled below:

  1. After turning on your Vizio TV, go to the main menu.
  2. Here, find and get into the Audio menu. (you might see the sound menu or audio settings)
  3. Now, you have to navigate the Volume Levelling feature and toggle it on.
  4. Here, you will get three options (ideally) named as high, medium, and low. Choose any of them according to your preference, and your TV’s volume will always be the same.
  5. Never forget to save the new settings before going back.

Pro Tips to Use Volume Levelling on Vizio TV:

Previously, we just talked about using the volume leveling feature correctly, but in most cases, you are still not able to make the most out of it.

If you want to use the volume leveling feature on Vizio TV to its fullest, follow every tip and trick we have discussed below:

Try out the “Night Mode” Setting:

Not every Vizio TV has a “night mode” setting, but if you have it, try it with the volume leveling feature. Night mode will help you watch content beside someone sleeping, even if it has an explosive sound.

Do some Experimenting:

It’s a super customizable feature, so you must try experimenting with different settings and stuff to find the most appropriate setting for yourself.

Disable Surround Sound:

Vizio TV has a feature called “Surround Sound,” which might ruin your experience with volume leveling. So, it’s better to disable it.

Update Software:

If volume leveling is not working properly, it might be because the software and firmware of your TV need to be updated. You should keep updating them from time to time.

Use External Speakers:

In some cases, the original speakers of the TV don’t work the best with this feature. If it’s the case with you, try external speakers.

External Speakers

Reset Volume Levelling:

Have you been using this feature for quite a while now, and it’s not working that well now? Reset it!


The final verdict is that this article was the most comprehensive article on the Volume Levelling feature of Vizio TV. But as humans questioning never stops, so if you still have anything to ask, go on!

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