What Did People Do Before TV?

What Did People Do Before TV? – [Complete Visual Guide]

Do you ever wonder; how people spend their time before technology?

In olden times people spent their time reading newspapers, writing letters, listening to music, and enjoying shows on the radio. Also, people enjoy board games or playing cards with their friends.

There were also many physical games that people used to play. They used to walk in the fresh air for hours.

If you want to know what people did before the invention of TV; Continue reading this guide.

What Did People Use To Do Before TV?

Before TV or entertainment, people entertained themselves by smoking, reading books, newspapers, or magazines, writing letters, calling their friends, or playing games outside their homes. Additionally, people also send telegrams.

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Life before TV:

Before entertainment and TV, life was quite simple. People used to work without any distractions or talk with each other in their leisure time.

Friends and family spend hours together and tell stories to each other. They used to discuss their daily events before the invention of TV. If they want to get entertainment the only way is through print media. After print media, the radio was invented, so the world’s focus was diverted to the radio as an entertainment source.

Before TV, people relied on the radio or newspapers for news and global information. But this form of media was not enough. As these sources did not provide news instantly.

News from these sources came after days of happening. Like if there was an earthquake in California today, people would come to know days after. These difficulties of communication were all sorted out with the invention of the TV.

What Were The Common Activities Of People Before TV Was Invented?

Daily routines were quite common before the invention of the TV. People don’t spend hours watching TV instead they go outside for a walk, listen to music, and enjoy their life in a wholesome way.

Let’s have a look at some habits people used to opt for before the invention of TV.

Multiple Activities:

Before TV was invented, time was different from now.

Children used to play in the streets because there were not many cars on the roads.

They spent time with their family and were not glued to the TV all day.

Children used to play their favorite games outside their homes.


Before TV, radio and newspapers were the sources of communication.

Radio was not available in every house; may be found in public places like bakeries, shopping centers, or restaurants.

Radio broadcast talk shows, radio shows, or songs. People used to wait for days for their favorite radio show.



In the olden days, writing was very common. People value writing and children spend hours improving their writing skills. People used to write long letters to their family and friends.

The writing was a source of communication between friends and families. Letters take days to reach their destinations. Writing was a healthy way to encourage their children to learn.

Reading Books:

Back then, there was more focus on reading books than now. People used to visit libraries and spend hours there. Libraries were full of students.

Reading was very important to sharpen learning skills in those days.

People used to give books to one another. However, it is important to move forward with time. But children should be bound to reading books in every era as it is necessary for their learning skills.

What Was The Child’s Life Before TV?

If we compare back days with today’s technological era there is no match!

Today technology dominates humans. Now we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones, TV, or different electronic gadgets.

In older times there were no washing machines, refrigerators, banks, or computers then how did they survive? Now we just wonder how they spend their lives without all these technologies.

Children’s Life – Toys & Games:

In olden times before the invention of the TV, children used to play on farms with their friends. Sometimes kids made their toys and games themselves. They used to play outside their homes in the fresh air, which makes them healthy and active all day long.

Before TV, children’s entertainment was completely different. There were no video games, no expensive toys, and sports equipment. Life was simple and energetic!

Now our culture and our children’s childhood has also changed.

What TV Has Taken From Us?

With the invention of new technologies like TV, our life has changed to a whole new level.


Below we discuss some points that were very common in older times but are missing today.

Family Rituals:

Family rituals were an important part of our society. But with the invention of technology, our family rituals are nowhere.

Before the invention of TV or technology, people used to enjoy their vacations or family holidays together. There were many other rituals like mealtime rituals, holiday rituals, or going-to-bed rituals.

Free Time:

Technology has taken away our free time. Today we have no time for ourselves. All we lack is free time because we are surrounded by technology. Children get busier with activities, and meetings and they find no time for self-grooming or self-love.

Free time has almost been eliminated from our lives! These days we feel difficulty in dealing with our activities as compared to older times. Today children are always keen to try something new and different like inventing games.

Loss of parental control:

Before TV or technology, everything was well-managed in life. Inventing new technologies has taken parental control from a child’s life.

Children pay no attention to their parents and their studies because they are glued to the TV all day long.

Final Argument:

Before TV, life was simple and full of happiness. TV has brought drastic changes to our lifestyles!

Before TV, people used to read books, spend time in writing, and used to go on walks to keep themselves healthy.

Excess of everything is bad; if we use these technologies in moderation they will surely benefit us!

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