What Does Smart Tizen TV Mean?

What Does Smart Tizen TV Mean? – [Things You Need To Know]

If you want a tech TV, Tizen is the best choice for you. Packed with technological features, Tizen TV comes at affordable prices.

Tizen smart TV’s operating system is equally suitable for tablets, smartphones, or PCs; one of the most used operating systems. It has an easy-to-use interface with loads of technological features.

To know more about the technical features and advantages of Tizen TV, you must read this guide.

What Does Tizen TV Mean?

Tizen TV was created by Samsung & Intel and is available all over the world. Tizen comes with an irreplaceable operating system. Its operating system is Linux-based, which is suitable for tablets, smartphones, or PCs.

If we compare the Tizen operating system to others, Tizen is much faster. Because it has a 64-bit processor. Additionally, it offers the best picture quality to the users. Tizen is the most used Smart TV operating system.

Tizen has a built-in Linux framework, so it can flexibly work on in-car infotainment, smartwatches, and TVs.

Difference Between Tizen OS Vs. Android TV:

Let’s discuss factors that make Tizen and Android different from each other.

Tizen OS Vs. Android TV

Technical Features:

Tizen is faster than Android TV. Its startup is really quick and fast. Additionally, it is very lightweight. Moreover, Tizen has a 64-bit processor that is not available on Android TVs. The most important feature of Tizen TV is its high picture quality and its amazing colors.


Tizen and Android TVs have somewhat similar user interfaces. The main difference is that Android comes with a Google-centric search bar while Tizen offers you a more laid-out status bar. Additionally, Tizen has a different interface than Android and it lacks the facilities to offer expanded notifications.

One main thing that comes in Tizen and is absent in Android is the setting of desired highlight colors. Additionally, Tizen offers you a smooth scroll as compared to Android; so gives you a great browsing experience.

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Features Of Tizen TV:

Prices of Tizen TV vary for each model. Apart from prices, Tizen offers quality and tech features in every model. There are many amazing features of Tizen TV. Let’s learn about them.

Tizen TV

Fourth-Generation TV:

Tizen TV is a 4th-generation revolutionary TV platform. It offers you unique and amazing TV features for great entertainment that includes Amazon Video, and Netflix. Additionally, it comes with many built-in apps like iPlayer or ESPN.


Tizen TV has a special feature that allows the auto-updating of advanced features. Additionally, it has a smart search so that you can easily find your music and videos. Moreover, it has an app store with multiple free and paid applications like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and many more.

Operating System:

Its operating system is developed by Samsung. This TV integrates applications on the web and with some other devices too. You can install its applications from the Google Play Store. Otherwise, you can also download it via the Samsung Web Browser.

Provides Entertainment:

Tizen TV provides you with all your favorite entertainment at one-stop. Tizen can support thousands of apps, the latest movies, games, or audiovisual effects that are also supportive of major technologies.

Advantages Of Tizen TV:

Tizen TV is a hybrid of TV technology. It offers the best services for both home-based and cloud-based viewing. It also provides the latest HD-quality images.

User-friendly Interface:

Tizen TV offers you an easy-to-use and straightforward interface having few icons on the screen. This quickest and simplest interface allows you to quickly access your shows, movies, music, and many more.

Operating System:

Its operating system can run on all smart TVs. Additionally, it offers you many advanced features like customized apps or easy navigation. Its operating system is specifically designed for every device. Resultantly, Tizen TV comes with a simple, convenient, and faster user experience.

Additionally, the Tizen TV app store provides a chance for the latest entertainment updates efficiently and conveniently with quick access.

Smart Tizen TV

Disadvantages Of Tizen TV:

Tizen TV is a good choice for Android, windows, or iOS applications. It will support more advanced features like voice management or enhanced motion. Likewise, Tizen TV also comes with some disadvantages:

  • Tizen TV proves difficult for not-so-tech-savvy users because it requires some customizations. Additionally, it requires some essential details so it is obvious that you need some extra skills to use the OS.
  • Another drawback is it lacks features regarding smart suggestions and it has no app store that limits your freedom of watching your favorite content.

Is Tizen Better Than Android TV?

While Tizen has many technological advantages, android also comes with multiple benefits.

Android – If you are a gamer, and want a versatile apps store and voice assistance, go for Android.

Tizen – If you are looking for a simple-to-use and stylish TV, then choose Tizen over others.

Tizen is far better than Android in technological terms. In UI, both of these are equally good. So Tizen is a great option for those who want a simple and better-looking TV with the essential features. Based on the above features, choosing your smart TV is completely up to you!

Final Argument:

Tizen will win over Android because of its amazing tech features.

You can use the Tizen TVs operating system with any device like a smartphone, tablet, or PC. You should do proper research and know more about Tizen TV’s advanced features before buying one.

However, it lacks some features it is not suitable for gaming mode.

Hope you will like this information and find it helpful.

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