What Does STB Mean On TV?

What Does STB Mean On TV? – [Complete Detailed Information]

STB is an electronic device that receives and decodes HDTV signals; similar in shape and size to a VCR.

An STB is an electronic device that offers video content from streaming services through the internet. It is also called the Set Top Unit. Additionally, STB converts digital signals to analog on your TV. STB are used for cable and satellite TVs so they deliver more channels than normal TV.

STB provides high-quality and non-stop entertainment. If you want to know more about STB and its types read this guide.

What Does STB Mean On TV?

An STB stands for a set-top box. It is a hardware device that receives, decodes, and displays digital signals on TV. These signals can be internet data or TV signals received by either a TV connection or cables.

Moreover, STB is also called a set-top unit. This electronic device is similar to the shape and size of a VCR that receives and decodes HDTV signals. It receives digital signals from digital satellites, over-the-air broadcasts, or digital cables.

There are also many other features of STB including a decoder that allows pay-per-view and premium channels.


Previously, people used set-top boxes for satellite TV or cables. STB helps deliver more channels than normal TV channels. STB receives signals for various channels and then filters them according to the user’s choices or which channels they want to watch.

Nowadays, STB has two-way communication that allows amazing features like the addition of premium channels directly including internet access.

Working Of STB On TV:

STB was developed in the 1980s. STB works in a way that a cable converter box receives cable TV channels. Then converts it to data or content that would be displayed on a TV screen. These cable converters come with wires or without wires. This helps to convert channels to low-VHF frequency.

STB connects with your TV and gives it access to satellite or cable TV channels. Additionally, it also streams content from internet streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and many more.

STB is also called an IPTV box. IPTV providers make you watch VOD programs and TV broadcasts in high quality with your internet connection.

STB is very necessary for entertainment like when you want to watch internet content. In case you don’t have an STB, there is still a chance that you can watch content on your smart TV.

How Can I Turn On STB On TV?

STB is a very useful electronic device to watch high-quality content. You can turn On STB on TV in the following way:

  • Firstly, you have to connect all the required cables to your set-top box.
  • Secondly, connect all the video and audio cables from the TV to STB.
  • Now plug in the power adaptor and turn it ON.
  • Power On STB and TV with remote.
  • Now STB is ON on your smart TV.

STB On Remote:

You can also turn on STB on your remote. Here are the steps to setup STB on the remote:

  • Firstly, turn On STB.
  • Then you have to press and hold the STB button from your remote.
  • When you are holding the STB button, at the same time enter the STB manufacturer code.
  • When it’s done, then release the STB button.
  • The STB button will turn red and blink twice after the STB remote connects successfully.

Classification Of STB:

STB are widely classified into multiple types. Some of them are below:

stb box

Professional STB:

These are integrated decoders or receivers that are specifically for rack mounting environments and robust field handling.

These professional STBs are used for professional broadcasts of video or audio.

Cable converter Box:

It converts channel service into radio frequency signals that are broadcasted from a cable TV. These converters help a TV to receive cable channels. It can receive and decode those signals that are not easily accessible and carrier-controlled.


This STB was developed in the 2000s. This STB is very popular because they facilitate TV broadcasts from satellite, cable, and terrestrial providers. Then these signals are combined with video output to make content. So these STBs offer a huge range of viewing content. Additionally, it also reduces the requirement of a separate box for each service.


This STB offers two-way communication. Additionally, it also decodes video streaming media.

TV Signal Sources:

This type of STB includes a satellite dish, Ethernet cable, DSL connections, and a coaxial cable that can broadcast over UHF or VHF antenna or even on the power line.

Concluding Argument:

If you want to enjoy non-stop entertainment and watch TV shows continuously then STB is a great source of comfort for you!

STBs are an essential tool to watch digital content directly from internet streaming services. These are easy to install and one of the essential things for your TV.

If your TV does not have an STB, you should get one to enjoy high-quality content.

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