What Is A Low Profile TV Mount?

What Is A Low Profile TV Mount? – [Complete Information]

Wondering about choosing the best wall mount for your new TV? Here is an easy way to choose it:

A low profile mount is a basic and easy method of wall mounting your TV. Fixed low-profile TV mounts are a practical and spacious option for small rooms. A low-profile TV mount is attached so close to the wall that it cannot tilt or swivel.

A low-profile TV mount is getting popular because it is practical to use. A low-profile TV mount is aesthetically pleasing and occupies less space.

To know more about low-profile TV mounts, let’s read this guide.

What Is A Low-Profile TV Mount?

Low-profile TV mounts are used to mount TV close to the wall. A low-profile TV mount doesn’t swivel or tilt at all.

tv fit on low profile mount

These are the least expensive options for TV mounts!

A TV mount is a basic mount that attaches your screen to the wall. Low-profile TV mounts are static that show that they don’t move (swivel or tilt). These TV mounts simply secure your TV.

A low-profile TV mount also comes with some drawbacks. As we mentioned above it is a static TV mount and cannot tilt or swivel. Additionally, you cannot easily get access to ports for cables and wires. If your TV has side ports then this TV mount works for you. Because right-angle adapters can easily be found in markets for right-angle ports.

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How Do You Display Low Profile TV Mounts?

There are many ways to display a TV with a low profile TV mount like:

In Form Of Art:

When you have a low-profile TV mount setup, you can combine it with your favorite artwork or painting. For example, when you want to watch TV,  you can pull out your TV screen. You can adjust the screen and enjoy!

When you finished watching TV, put your TV away, slide it back, and bring the screensaver to display artwork! In this way, it serves both purposes, aesthetics and enjoying a TV.

In Conference Room:

A low-profile TV mount is also suitable for your conference rooms. You can choose a low-profile TV mount for the conference room to save space. Display TV in the middle of the wall along with team achievements and weekly goals. You can use a low-profile TV mount for presentations and virtual meetings.

Floating TV System:

A floating TV system is essential for aesthetically mounting a TV. This is a suitable setup with a flat-screened on a wall and a floating shelf.

You can also go for a soundbar mount which can get your speakers from the ground and you will get more space on your shelf. In this way, the sound system is right next to the visual of the TV to get a true floating TV experience.

For Bedrooms:

Low Profile TV mounts are suitable for bedrooms as well. With a low-profile TV mount, you can get a hotel-like visual experience at your home.

Many brands come with high-quality low-profile TV mounts. A low-profile TV mount saves much space on your bedroom wall.

Advantages Of Low-Profile TV Mount:

For a living room, a low-profile TV mount is a suitable option. It will benefit you like:

low profile tv mount


If you want a pocket-friendly TV mount you should go for a low-profile TV mount.

A low-profile TV mount has no rotating or tilting mechanisms which show it has fewer hardware features. This makes it an affordable TV mount with fewer hardware pieces and less prices. However, its quality is the same as any other TV mount.

Adds Aesthetics:

When you have a TV close to the wall, it provides your living room with a minimal look.

Having a low-profile TV mount adds a pleasant design to a room. The TV gets less space behind it because it is attached closer to the wall. As these TV mounts have no extra hardware that takes up space.

Low profile TV mount serves as a flat screen thin profile and gives you a cleaner look.

Easy To Install:

A low-profile TV mount comes with easy installation features. To install a low-profile TV mount, you just require a wall stud. You can attach your TV mount bracket with a screw kit. Additionally, you have to do some cable or wire management.

For a low-profile TV mount, you don’t need any professional as it does not require any tool and is easy to install. However, installation is dependent on TV size, wall type, and mount type.

Saves Space:

One of the most important factors in choosing low-profile TV mounts is they are space-saving. You can carry bulky TV  sets on low-profile TV mounts. With a low-profile TV mount, you can utilize space more efficiently in a small apartment.


You can upgrade your living space with low-profile TV mounts!

Mounting your TV on the wall improves the aesthetics of your living room and saves space. The best TV mount for saving your space is a low-profile TV mount that gives you the best eye-level view for an amazing screen experience.

A low-profile TV mount is a fixed mount that gives you the benefit of getting extra space and hiding all the wires and cable boxes behind the TV.

So if you want to upgrade your living room and want a TV mount for it you should go for a low-profile TV mount.

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