What Is Bypass On LG TV?

What Is Bypass On LG TV? – [Complete Detailed Information]

Sometimes you need high-quality sound with a wide range and built-in speakers of your TV would not be sufficient for this. So you have to bypass the TV audio through some external sound source to increase its quality and range.

Bypass on LG TV works by bypassing the internal speaker of the TV and enroute the audio through the external sound source. Bypassing on LG TV includes multiple methods like connecting your TV to the home theater system or soundbar.

Additionally bypassing can be done through multiple ways like Bluetooth connection, HDMl, or optical by the external sound source. This method will increase the audio quality of a TV.

Let’s explore together how bypass on LG TV works and its effect on sound quality.

What Is Bypass On LG TV?

In bypass, the internal speakers route audio through an external sound setup. This bypassing can be done in multiple ways like connecting your TV with external speakers or home theater systems. The bypass method will increase the overall sound quality of your TV and increase the viewing experience too.

Bypass On LG TV

Should I Use The Bypass Feature On LG TV?

Using a bypass feature on LG TV is a great option for playing music, or records. You can also connect a music source directly to your LG TV without a bypass. But this can cause some problems. Mostly music is suitable for a two-channel stereo setup. Moreover, video games and films are mastered for multi-channel stereo setups.

Your TV amplifiers take sound signals from your surroundings and send them through the proper channels. In this way, the bypass works by sending specific stereo signals to the right and left TV speakers.

When you bypass speakers on LG TV it will enhance the sound quality and give viewers a more amazing experience than before.

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How To Determine The Bypass Feature Of A TV?

The most common way to determine a bypass feature of a TV is to check out the manual of your TV. In addition, you can also inspect jerks or ports on the back of integrated amplifiers.

A bypass connector includes two RCA ports; these ports are labeled properly to use them accurately. Most bypasses are shown as “Direct Input” rather than “Home Theater Bypass”.

How Can I Bypass LG TV Speakers?

There are multiple ways of bypassing LG TV speakers and channeling audio through another sound setup.

One of the easy and common methods of audio bypass is by connecting an HDMI cable to an external speaker. In this way, audio will be routed by external sources like speakers while the video is playing on the TV screen.

The other way is to use an optical cable. This method is same like connecting with HDMI cable.

Thirdly you can use Bluetooth to connect LG TV with a Bluetooth-enabled home theater setup or soundbar. This method allows the audio to pass through external speakers wirelessly.

However, all of these bypass methods have their benefits and drawbacks. You have to consult a professional or manual for your TV to determine the best method of audio bypass for your TV. Additionally, you can also take help from your external sound system’s manual.

Is It Possible To Use TV Speakers While Bypassing?

No, it’s not possible to use a TV built-in speaker simultaneously with an external sound source. Because in bypassing the sound on LG TV, audio will enroute through an external sound setup and it will not use the TV’s built-in speakers.

You cannot use an external sound source and TV built-in speakers at the same time. For high-quality sound, you should use an external sound source and this can be done by disabling your TV’s built-in speakers.


Using both speakers (TV’s built-in or external) wouldn’t help in improving the sound quality. However, using both speakers at the same time will not damage anything but it dilutes and detract from the audio rather than enhancing the sound quality. The audio profiles of both speakers (internal or external) are different so the actual sound coming from both speakers is also different. This creates an echo-like sound.

It is advised to consult a TV manual. Additionally, check out the manual of your external sound system and make sure both of the devices are compatible with each other for bypassing the speakers.

Importance Of Bypass In LG TV:

Our TV’s speakers are not built to generate high-quality sound. The television speaker is small. These speakers require more power from external sound sources like speakers. Bypass features in LG TV are useful in routing the audio through external speakers. Resultantly it improves audio quality and gives viewers an amazing experience.

lg tv

Final Argument:

Bypassing on LG TV is an amazing option to enhance the audio quality of your TV. Resultantly, it helps to improve your viewing experience.

There are several methods of bypassing audio on LG TV like Bluetooth connection or using HDMl.

Before applying any method check out your LG TV manual or external sound system’s manual to choose the best bypass method for your TV.

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