What Is RVU On Samsung TV?

What Is RVU On Samsung TV? – [Complete Visual Information]

Samsung TV comes with many amazing features. One of them is the RVU technology.

RVU is a software protocol that allows a source like DVR to send TV programming to your smart TV without any cable. The only wire you require is a power cord. If you installed the right software for RVU then it is quite simple to operate just by plugging in the power cord of your TV.

RVU technology is available on Samsung TVs. If you are new to RVU technology and do not know what it is; read this complete guide.

What Is RVU On Samsung TV?

RVU is a “Remote User Interface”. RVU is a standard that permits only one server in a home to interface with various client devices at the same time through a consistent user interface.

This device has several ports so there is no need for separate devices to connect various clients.

RVU feature is available in most Samsung TVs. For the RVU settings in your Samsung TV, you will require an RVU-complaint source box.

Simply, RVU is a built-in wireless technology that can connect different TVs by one device. Additionally, with RVU, you can also watch DIRECTV on any device like a computer or laptop.

RVU on samsung tv

All new models of Samsung TVs are RVU-compatible. The latest Samsung TV models can stream DIRECTV on any electronic device.

With RVU technology you can use a set-top box server so you can easily enjoy a multi-room viewing experience on various devices at the same time. But to enjoy this technology firstly you need a Samsung Smart Hub to sign in and use it.

The latest Samsung TV supports RVU software protocols that show you can easily connect a DVR to three RVU-enabled TVs.

RVU technology is software that permits satellite DVRs to stream TV programs without cable. All Samsung TVs do not have RVU technology but if you are looking to buy a new TV then consider this technology.

How Does RVU On Samsung TV Work?

You will need an RVU complaint source box like DVR. This source box is used as a server. It will send your TV program by your home network to RVU-compliant TV.

RVU compliant is a software that converts it to a device “thin client ” and recreates the function of the source box without the physical box. When everything is on point, you will just need to plug the TV into an AC outlet.

how does rvu work on samsung tv

Connecting To RVU:

If you have a Samsung TV the biggest advantage is you can connect your TV to your home network with the help of the new RVU function.

Firstly you require a source box that supports the RVU function. For connecting this function you will have to look for the RVU icon in your TV input list.

This icon cannot be hidden because it has the same function as the standard STB set. Additionally, you can also stream DIRECTV on your laptop or computer with this RVU technology.

If your Samsung TV is not supporting the RVU technology then you have to update your Samsung TV software. For this, you have to download the advanced and latest version of RVU software. This RVU software is available on the internet for free of cost.

When you are done installing this software, you can conveniently enjoy DIRECTV online. Additionally, you can also download the DIRECTV STREAM on your Samsung smart TV.

Features of RVU:

RVU features

Below we discuss some of the amazing features of RVU:

  • RVU does not need any costly clients with multiple processing power as it is specifically designed for running a lightweight footprint.
  • RVU provides the original User Interface maintaining accuracy at the pixel level.
  • RVU is efficient in network utilization.
  • RVU can support the whole home DVR with the same features, content, and experience available at each TV in your home.
  • You can perform DVR tricks like pause, play, rewind, or forward without the requirement of the DVR at any location.
  • You can experience the prerecorded, live, or video on every TV.
  • Allows the users to begin viewing in one room and resume the TV in another room.
  • You can easily manage your DVR playlist from any smart TV.
  • With only one master set-top box you can easily power the entire home entertainment of your home.


Like other amazing features of Samsung TVs, RVU is also becoming a popular technological feature. As RVU can allow a DVR to send TV programs to your smart TV without a cable.

Using RVU technology is very simple; you just have to install software to use it on your smart TV.

Hope this guide will be helpful for you in understanding the RVU features.

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