What Is The Standby Mode On The TV?

What Is The Standby Mode On The TV? – [You Need To Know!]

To clarify the effects of standby mode on your smart TV firstly, you have to understand what standby mode is;

In Standby mode, your TV display is turned Off while it is connected to a power source. It’s completely safe to leave smart TVs in standby mode.

Below we discuss in detail what standby mode is and how you can use this feature. Let’s learn together!

What Is Meant By Standby Mode On TV?

Stand-by mode on the TV means it is turned off but plugged in. Many times smart TV is turned off but plugged in. In this case, you are not shutting it off completely and your TV goes into standby mode.

Standby Mode On TV

Its display is turned off but it is still connected to the internet connection. So your TV can automatically install software updates so you should have up-to-date features without installing them manually. 


Let’s discuss an example to understand stand-by mode. The best example is your smartphone when it is locked. As you know your smartphone receives updates and notifications even when it is turned off.

Some smart TVs have a feature to turn it On through the smart wake function. Additionally, you can also turn on your TV through voice commands.

Another way is the casting method in which you can wirelessly connect your smartphone to a TV. It shows that your TV voice command feature is still enabled and it can listen to voice commands.

How Much Electricity Does Your TV Consume On Standby Mode?

Let’s learn together how much electricity will be consumed by your smart TV when it is on standby mode.

According to data, the average power consumption when the smart wake function is disabled is 0.6 Watts. When you turn Off the smart wake feature of your TV, there is only a small difference in electricity consumption.

How Can I Turn On The Standby Mode Of My Smart TV?

Let’s discuss the process of turning on standby mode on smart TV:

  • Go to your smart TV home screen and tap on “Settings”.
  • Now scroll down and choose the Screen Saver, then tap on Put Device to Sleep. In case, your smart TV has no Screen Saver option then tap on the More Settings option and go to Device Preferences. In this way, your smart TV gets the Screen Saver option.
  • Now choose the Put device to sleep option. You can opt for any time interval of your choice; you can set it for 8 hours. However, it is advised to go for short time intervals.
  • When you set it for 4 hours, Standby mode will On, if your Android TV has no movements.

How Can I Turn Off Standby Mode On My Android TV?

Let’s discuss the process in detail to turn off your smart TV standby mode:

  • Tap the home button on the remote of your Smart TV.
  • Then go to the Setting option on the home screen.
  • After that, choose a Device Preference option.
  • Tap on the Power option.
  • Click the TV standby option to turn off the standby mode.

Standby Mode Features Of A Smart TV:

Standby Mode on a smart tv

  • Most Android TV comes with a standby option that is on by default. When you turn off your smart TV after watching, it does not consume energy.
  • On the other hand, when you leave your smart TV On, it will go into standby mode consuming electricity so that its display remains active.
  • Some smart TV comes with timers. In case your TV does not have this option you have to ensure to tap on the power button so that the energy current will stop from continuing.


Most people go for the standby mode of their smart TVs because there is very little energy consumption.

In this way, you can also decrease electricity consumption by disabling its smart wake-up function. As you know, when a TV is in its standby mode, its software is still running, even if its display is turned Off.

Hopefully, this article will guide you enough about the standby mode of your Smart TV!

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