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What Is WPA2 Passphrase On Vizio TV? – [Complete Details]

So, you have a Vizio TV, and suddenly, it has started asking you for a WPA2 Passphrase. If you are also facing this problem, don’t sweat hard because you are not alone.

WPA2 stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Access 2,” and it’s a technology that means that WPA2 Passphrase is actually a passcode.

But do you really need WPA2 Passphrase?

And from where will you get this?

To get answers and explanations to every possible question you might have related to WPA2 Passphrase, look through this article completely:

What Is Exactly the WPA2 Passphrase on Vizio TV?

So, for the last couple of years, everyone has been talking about this North American brand just because of WPA2 technology.

Most Vizio TVs are coming up with wireless adapters (mostly expensive ones). Now, these wireless adapters have a password or passcode that must contain three prime numbers.

WPA2 Passphrase On Vizio TV

This passcode is known as the WPA2 passphrase. In other words, by using this, you can connect Wi-Fi to your TV without any wire.

Just enter the passcode and enjoy watching TV!

Apparently, WPA2 Passphrase is just a password that you need to connect your Vizio Roku TV with a local internet connection.

Well, this is not rocket science, as we all have been using wireless internet (Wi-Fi) on smartphones for quite a long time now. Right?

But no!

WPA technology is not just a Wi-Fi service for your TV. It is actually a system that protects your data when you are connected to the internet.

Yes, it’s more of a security system for your internet connection than just a connection between your Vizio TV and the internet.

Vizio TV guarantees that this amazing system will never let hackers muddle through your connection and harm your privacy. Moreover, they ensure the system even more with wireless encryption.

Is WPA2 Even Needed?

In 2006, this technology was developed so that users could connect to their home internet connection without worrying about security.

But is it really that important?

This question comes to mind because this technology is quite expensive, and Vizio (company) is charging extra money from you for this.

Well, usually, it depends on the user. If you don’t care about your personal data saved in your computer, TV, and smartphone, you should save your money and opt for a TV that doesn’t have WPA2.

Actually, hackers are always there sitting on their chairs, waiting for a weak connection so that they can steal data and information from a connection.

Whenever you connect your TV to Wi-Fi or any other internet, the transmission of data starts automatically.

Now if your connection is secured, your data is also secure!

How to Find WPA2 Passphrase for Your Vizio TV?

When talking about finding WPA2 Passphrase, three different devices come into play as they all can be used to find that passcode:

Vizio TV

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Apple Devices

These are three devices that we use the shape smartphones, PCs, and TVs. So, let’s find WPA2 Passphrase using all of them:


With you get the option to find WPA2 Passphrase in two different ways. So, read both and go for the one that seems good to you:

Using Router:

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on your Android device by tapping or holding on the Wi-Fi icon. You can also go to Wi-Fi settings through the general settings of your device.
  • Here you will find a ‘right-side arrow’ on your connected Wi-Fi network. Click on it.
  • Now, you will see “Gateway” written in bold letters and a router number in front of Gateway.
  • Memorize or note down that router number on paper.
  • Go to a web browser (like Google Chrome or Bing) and enter that router number.
  • This will take you to a login page and ask you for a ‘username’ and ‘password.’
  • Type “admin” in both sections (username and password).
  • Now, you will see your WPA2 Passphrase.

Using QR Code Scanner:

  • Just like the last time, first, you need to go to Wi-Fi settings on your device.
  • After that, click on that same ‘right-side arrow’ which appears on your connected network.
  • Here, you will get the option to share your Wi-Fi. Under the sharing option, you will get a QR code.
  • Now, take a screenshot of that page.
  • Download a QR scanner on your device if you already don’t have one.
  • Open that scanner and click on the ‘Gallery’ option in that app.
  • In the gallery, you will find your QR code screenshot.
  • Click on it.
  • After some scanning process, you will get your password.


  • As your Windows device is a computer or laptop, go to Control Panel on it. You can do it by searching the control panel in the search bar given beside or in the ‘Window option’ on the taskbar.
  • Now, click on Network and Internet option to find Network and Sharing Center.
  • After entering Network and Sharing Center, choose the Wi-Fi Network option, which you will find under “View your active networks.”
  • Click on Wireless Properties and then Security.
  • Here, you can find the password, which can be seen after clicking Show Characters.


  • On your Apple device (smartphone), your first need to enter iCloud from Settings.
  • Here, find and enable the Keychain option.
  • Now switch to your Mac device and go to system preferences.
  • Click on Apple ID here and search for the Keychain option to enable it here as well.
  • Now, both devices are connected.
  • Find Launchpad and click on Keychain after entering Launchpad.
  • Select iCloud and then find and click on Passwords under Category.
  • Search your Wi-Fi name and double-click on it to get the WPA2 Passphrase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is WPA3?

It’s just a new version of WPA2. Actually, WPA is the real technology, and then WPA2 and WPA3 are modern generations of the same mechanism.

Are WPA2 Passphrase and Wi-Fi Password the same?

Yes, they are exactly the same. You should always opt for the strongest possible password to make it impossible for an outsider to sneak into your network.

What should be the Length of My WPA2 Passphrase?

The maximum length of a WPA2 Passphrase is 63 characters, and experts always suggest making passwords as close to 63 as possible.

Because it makes things difficult for anyone to guess the password.

We all always want our passwords to be as short as possible because we don’t want to memorize long words. Right?

So, it’s better to use a passcode of roundabout 20 characters.


So, the final verdict is that now you not just know what WPA2 Passphrase on Vizio TV is, but you also know its importance and way of finding it on different types of devices.

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