What Religion Doesn't Watch TV?

What Religion Doesn’t Watch TV? – [Complete Detailed Guide]

Whether you start learning about religions or following a particular religion, you must pay attention to saying that religion is related to entertainment.

And TV worries us much because it has become a part of our lives. If we have to stop watching TV right now, it might be impossible. Right?

So, What Religion Doesn’t Watch TV?

No religion has ever talked about TV, particularly maybe because all Holy books like the Bible and Quran were written before the invention of TV.

But we have compiled a list of religions’ rulings related to TV along with your-asked questions with their answers:

List of Religions that Don’t Watch TV:

We have seen that every religion in this world has different sects, and every sect has different rulings about a particular thing, like TV.

Religions That Don’t Watch TV

That’s why we will discuss all sects and religions that don’t watch TV:

1. The Amish (Christian):

This sect of Christians is famous for promoting a simple lifestyle and coming out of the hustle and bustle of city life.

We can’t say watching TV is forbidden in the Amish sect but using electronic media along with TV is always avoided by people who follow it.

2. The Jehovah’s Witnesses (Christians):

Another Christian sect is here that doesn’t encourage watching TV. This religion is more famous in the States than in any other part of the world and is already famous for its strict lifestyle. Not watching TV is also a part of that harsh lifestyle.

3. Sufi (Muslims):

Sufi Muslims started getting famous in the Middle East, and they are known for their spiritual behaviour. Sufis spend most of their lives praying and running away from distractions. And one of the biggest distractions in this world is ‘TV.’

4. The Seventh-day Adventists (Protestant):

Protestants are already quite different from Catholics, but when you talk about the Seventh-day Adventists, they don’t even eat meat.

Not just for avoiding TV, but this sect of Protestants is also quite famous for not consuming alcohol or tobacco and eating only vegetarian options.

5. Muslims:

Not just Sufi Muslims, but practicing Muslims (in general) don’t watch TV because music is said to be forbidden in Islam.

Yes, you can hear music, and the TV is filled with music. There is not even a single show on TV that doesn’t contain music. If you know any, do let us know!

6. Hutterites (Christians):

Europe is filled with atheists, but when you talk about religion specifically Christianity, you can see European Hutterites in bulk.

Running away from worldly temptation and distraction is one of the main parts of the strict rules that are set by their religion.

7. Quackers (Christians):

This list is filled with different sects of Christians. Isn’t it?

Anyways, you can find Quackers usually in just some parts of England. This sect of Christians is quite different because, unlike many other strict religions, Quackers don’t watch TV. After all, it promotes violence, materialism, and other values that are contrary to their spiritual beliefs.

8. The Amish Mennonites (Christians):

We already have talked about Amish Christians, but Amish Mennonites are different. Nonetheless, they also avoid watching TV (like the Amish) at any cost.

Just like the Amish, they also deny using modern technology and live the way Jesus Christ used to live. And Jesus Christ never watched TV as it wasn’t invented at that time.

9. Mormons (Christians):

This is pretty much the strictest sect of Christians. Mormons don’t avoid TV their whole lives (usually).


In this religion, people have to spend some years of their lives in the church or a place of solitude to just pray to God and do nothing else. During that period, they boycott TV or any other media or content completely.

10. Pentecostals (Christians):

This sect of Christianity and, more specifically, Protestants don’t boycott or forbid TV, but watching TV is not encouraged in this religion.

Although Pentecostals don’t spend life with many strict rules, you will always notice them watching only content that doesn’t come against the values of religion.

11. Hasidic Jews (Orthodox Jews):

Here is the first and last time you will see Jews on this list. These Orthodox Jews follow the rules and studies of their Holy book Torah strictly.

They live their life as if they are living inside four walls that they can never pass. They will never compromise on Jewish law, mysticism, and emphasis on community.

12. The Zen (Buddhists):

Yes, there is a sect of Buddhists as well that doesn’t watch TV. These Chinese and Japanese Buddhists are quite similar to the monks you might have seen in movies and shows.

They usually spend their time alone in the mountains for meditation, mindfulness, and detachment from worldly desires. And TV is one of the sources of worldly desires.

13. The Old Order River Brethren:

The people of this religion are a different image of Anabaptist Christians. They completely avoid TV and usually have boring lives.

14. Bruderhof Communities (Christian):

This German sect of Christians pays extreme levels of attention to community, pacifism, and simplicity. Since 1920, this sect has been quite famous in Europe for its different rulings and for not watching TV.

Why do some religious People avoid watching television?

According to many religions and religious people, TV is filled with filth and impure content. Most TV shows, movies, and even reality shows contain inappropriate content that might be a distraction or temptation.

watching television

Moreover, there is no shortage of explicit or sexual content on TV which is why most religious people ignore it.

Can someone still practice their religion while watching television?


Although different people will answer this question differently, most of them will say that you can still practice your religion while watching TV. Even you can enjoy some spiritual and religious shows on TV.


Hence, you now know all sects and religions that don’t watch TV. So, in the end, it’s the content that matters, as TV is just a source of consuming content. If you want to be a religious watch, stop watching content that’s forbidden in your religion.

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