What To Do If Your Smart TV Is Hacked?

What To Do If Your Smart TV Is Hacked? – [Complete Details]

Most people don’t know that their smart TV is hacked. They don’t know how their smart TV gets hacked and how to solve this hacking issue. Let’s find out its solution;

When you notice any suspicious activity, immediately reset your smart TV.

Common signs of hacking of your TV may include your remote control not working properly, messages popping up on your screen, and sudden changes in volume.

You have to take immediate action to prevent your smart TV from hacking, like updating your smart TV software, setting a strong password or PIN, or securing your WiFi router.

Let’s discuss the ideas of preventing your smart TV devices from hacking.

What Happens If Your Smart TV Is Hacked?

When you notice that your smart TV is hacked immediately fully reset your smart TV.

Smart TV Is Hacked

When you reset your smart TV it will remove all the previous settings and applications from the TV that you have previously installed. So after restarting, you will need to install all the applications from scratch.

Moreover, you have to check the manufacturer to know if there are some updates needed for your smart TV. If an update is needed install them using the manual instructions.

A fresh start for your smart TV is necessary to reduce further hacking attempts. Furthermore, it eliminates all the bugs and exploits from the system of your smart TV.

How To Identify That Your Smart TV Is Hacked?

If you want to know that your smart TV is infected with a virus or got hacked then you have to notice the following signs for confirmation. These signs are below.

  • Noticing any unusual or suspected activity in your smart TV system then it is a sign that your TV has been hacked.
  • If your remote control is not working properly or does not respond according to your commands then it may be a sign of a hacked system.
  • You will receive unexpected messages or notifications. If you notice any unexpected messages then it may be a sign of a hacked system or malware.
  • Additionally, your hacked smart TV may take longer to respond to your commands. Moreover, a virus can also slow down smart TV systems.
  • If you observe any unrecognized applications on your smart TV display then it is also a sign of hacked TV.
  • Furthermore, if you see any changes in your TV settings like in background color, designs, or language then your TV is hacked.

What Information Can A Hacker Get From My Smart TV?

Hackers can get information or data from your smart TV. If a hacker succeeds in hacking your smart TV then they will get access to all your information like watched videos, pictures, or TV shows.

Additionally, hackers can access your passwords or emails that you used for the descriptions of your streaming applications like Apple or Netflix.

If you have logged into your social media account on your smart TV then hackers easily get access to these accounts too.

Moreover, your smart TV has microphones and cameras that can also get hacked.

In some cases, hackers can also change the volume of your smart TV and even they can change the video that you’re currently watching.

smart tv

How Can You Prevent Hacking Issues?

There are many ways that you can prevent your smart TV from hacking. Let’s discuss how you can prevent it.

Update Your Smart TVs Software:

When you are watching TV sometimes you ignore the software updates. It is very necessary to update your smart TV software because it is very helpful in protecting your smart TV against bugs and vulnerable activities.

It is important just like updating your computers and smartphones regularly.

Protect Your WiFi Router:

The safety of your WiFi router is very important. You have to secure your WiFi router because it not only protects your smart TV from hacking but also other connected devices.

If you install a VPN in the router it will efficiently protect smart TV from hackers. VPN can secure your smart TV from hackers and prevent accessing your data.

Additionally, you can also use multi-factor authentication and use some strong passwords to further secure your smart TV.

Use A Strong And Secure Network:

When you are doing settings of your smart TV ensure to use a strong and secure network.

Furthermore, make sure the network you are using should be encrypted with WPA2. Or you can also use some strong encryption to secure your data from hacking.

Disconnect All The Automatic Connections:

To make your smart TV secure you have to disconnect all the automatic connections from your smart TV. This setting will keep your network secure from hacking.

Set A Password For Your Smart TV:

When you set a device you have to set a PIN or password. Make sure to change this password or PIN frequently and never share this information with others.

This will hinder unwanted access to TV.

Never Connect With Unsecured Connections:

You should never connect your smart TV with unsecured devices like virus-infected USBs or other related devices.

Connecting unsecured devices can access hackers on your smart TV.

Allow Limited Access:

You can connect your smart TV to other devices wirelessly. You can also add a limit on your smart TV to determine who can get access to your smart TV.

For this, you have to set up the user account and passwords. In this way, only authorized TV users can get access to your smart TV.

When you connect a device to your smart TV, first check whether it is up-to-date or secure and meets all the security measures.


When you see unusual activity on your smart TV immediately take action. Take all the precautionary measures mentioned above to secure your smart TV.

Common signs of hacking include you may notice some messages popping up on your screen or the remote control not working properly. When you notice these changes, update your smart TV software.

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