What To Do With An Old Built-In TV Space?

What To Do With An Old Built-In TV Space? – [Complete Guide]

Don’t tell me you haven’t decided what you are going to do with that built-in TV space which is spare now!

If you have an old built-in TV space, you must be asking yourself an important question, “what to do with an old built-in tv space?”

Generally speaking, it all depends on your need, budget, and interest.

To get thorough information about the topic, read this article till the end:

Ideas for Your Old Built-in TV Space:

Old Built-In TV Space

A spare area in a living room or TV lounge looks awful, especially when it’s a built-in cabinet-like TV space.

A TV space can’t just be used to mount a TV, as you can try other stylish options as well.

That’s why (for your convenience) we have compiled several ideas for your old built-in TV space, both with and without a TV. So, choose wisely after going through all of them not to regret them in the future:

1. A Fireplace (With or Without TV):

The best thing you can do with your living room’s spare space is ‘make it a fireplace.’ Usually, built-in TV space is in the middle of one wall of the room with all seats or sofas in front of it. Right?

This is what we call a perfect fireplace. If you are going to install your TV in that space as well, you can have a small fireplace under the TV. But the best part of a fireplace is that it will look and work amazingly even without a TV.

It’s not one of those easiest tasks that you can do without any experience. So, we always recommend you hire professionals to build a fire space for you.

But if you have experience or love the DIY concept, you can perceptibly do it yourself. Before doing it yourself, always remember to take measurements consciously to save your money and time.


2. A Desk (Without TV):

This idea is perfect if your old built-in TV space is in a bedroom. Although this will work in any room, mostly having a working or studying desk in the bedroom is the best option.

This idea is ideal for you if you are a student or a person who has to work from home quite often. If the built-in TV space is more like a built-in TV cabinet, you need to buy a desk with exactly the same measures as that space.

You can also order a desk that will be manufactured especially for that area. It will not just help you study or work from home easily but also will look extremely elegant and modern.

3. Cabinet Doors (With TV):

This idea works best with outdoor living rooms or TV lounges. Most people use this idea when they want to hide their TV because they don’t watch it so much.

Not just this, but it’s like a new fashion to hide the TV in a living room. Just like you, we also don’t understand the reason behind this trend.

Anyways, you can install pagoda-shaped cabinet doors to hide the TV. We liked this design because you don’t need to clean the dust from TV’s screen as it doesn’t get dusty.

4. A Home Bar (With or Without TV):

While watching TV, many people love having some drinks. Right? That’s why having a bar right under your TV is quite a good idea.

A Home Bar

Not just this, but you can also use this idea without a TV in your living room. But for this specific idea, you need complete customization of your old built-in TV space.

The home bar looks the best when it’s monochromatic because this is what makes your living room more elegant. Because monochromatic design contrasts amazingly with colorful wine and other drink bottle labels.

To convert your built-in TV space into a home bar, you always need these:

  • A dark counter of marble
  • Cabinet/s
  • Wine rack
  • A cupboard on top for extra stuff

You can also add a few other things to your home bar, but the things mentioned above are a must. Moreover, never forget some shiny wine glasses on the counter.

5. A Sitting Area (With or Without TV):

A sitting area in a built-in TV space works best without a TV, especially if it’s not in a living room. We will always recommend that if your built-in TV space is in a living room, go for a sitting area with the TV.

But if it’s in any other room like a bedroom, a sitting area without a TV is much preferred. After all, it’s all your choice.

If, like me, you love having a nook where you can sit comfortably and read a book, then don’t waste time and go for it today.

As this place is like a built-in cabinet space (just saying for example), you can make it a nook with a comfy bench and a light on the roof with a small alteration.

If you run after perfection, you might spend some extra bucks, but we tell you perfect work is needed here. To save a bit of money, you can do tasks like carpentry or painting (only if you have done it before).

A sitting area

6. A Mirror (Without TV):

Consider a mirror if you don’t have a TV and want to make an old built-in TV space in your new home look good.

Although you can install a mirror in a built-in TV space even with a TV, there is no point in having a TV and mirror in the same spot. You can try it, but it doesn’t make any sense.

Installing a giant mirror exactly at the same point where the TV was supposed to be installed could be the best thing you can do with your old built-in TV space without a TV.

A giant mirror of the same size as the space will be perfect, but you can also go for a round mirror (if you like). Moreover, on shelves and counters (if available), you can place vases and other decoration pieces.


Now, you know what to do with an old built-in tv space. Right?

So, if you have any questions about our ideas, ask freely, as we are always here to assist you.

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