What Voltage Drill Do I Need To Mount A TV?

What Voltage Drill Do I Need To Mount A TV? – [Explained]

Knowing about the right voltage drill to mount a TV is very necessary. Different drills are needed for different household tasks.

A 12v range drill is enough to do jobs around your house. A 12v drill is a lighter, versatile, and inexpensive option to wall mount your TV.

Additionally, there are many varieties of drills available in the market from corded to cordless drills having different speed levels.

Furthermore, drill volts are dependent on the material of the wall on which you want to mount your TV.

Let’s continue this guide to know more about drills and the voltage needed to mount a TV.

Best Voltage Drill For Mounting A TV:

Corded drills are lighter than cordless drills because they don’t have a heavy battery. You may need an extension cord with a corded drill.

For mounting a TV it is best to use a cordless drill as it has great mobility and you can move it freely or anywhere you want.


Corded drills deal in watts. Generally for a basic drill model watts are around 450 watts and for a powerful hammer drill it will go to around 1500 watts.

For mounting TV on the wall or for other DIY jobs a 550-watt drill is enough.

For cordless drills power value deals in volts. Generally battery size ranges from 12V to 20V. This voltage is suitable for mounting the TV on the wall.

Basics Of Using A Drill For A TV Wall Mount:

While choosing a drill for mounting a TV, consider its weight, mobility, and power. A cordless drill has multiple features. Voltage ranging from 4-8 volts is enough for light-duty tasks and 12 volts is safe enough for homeowners’ tasks like mounting a TV.

A high-power drill deals with heavier work. More voltage shows that the drill has a heavier and bigger battery. You have to recharge cordless drills after regular intervals. Sometimes you need a spare battery to keep working. To check the effectiveness of the drill check at its amp-hour ratings.

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The voltage and battery of a drill are dependent on the material on which you work, the level of usage, and the temperature at which you are working, all of these are the deciding factors.

A corded drill provides high power. However, these are slightly lighter than cordless drills but have similar features. It comes with a steady power supply which shows it has greater runtime and it won’t stop for recharging.

However, corded drills hinder mobility. Your tasks will affect if the power outlets are far away from your working place and your corded drill will need an extension cord. You have to read its manual for proper use.

Types Of Drills For Wall Mount A TV:

Every drill is specific to a task. Here we discuss some features to choosing a drill for a wall mount TV.

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There are different sizes of drill available in the market like ⅜-inch, ¼-inch, or ½-inch. These are the size of the drill chuck. A ¼-inch chuck drill is enough for light-duty tasks.

Additionally, a ⅜-inch drill offers a wide range of versatile drill that performs multiple tasks including mounting a TV on the wall.

Likewise, ½-inch drill deals with heavier tasks.


A drill having different speed levels with an adjustable clutch gives you the versatility to drill different materials.

The speed of the drill for mounting a TV on the wall depends on the material on which you are mounting it. Drilling speed is different for softwood, hardwood or metal walls. Drilling speed depends on the hardness of the wall; a harder wall requires more torque or less speed.


Most drills come with keyed chucks so you have to tighten or loosen them with the tool but many drills offer keyless chucks, so you can easily loosen or tighten them with your hand.

Drilling Material Matters:

You need a drill machine to make holes for TV mounting on the wall. For this purpose you require a drill having a hammer action.

If you want to make larger-diameter holes for wall mount a TV you need a corded drill having low speed. If you want to drill on different materials like plastic, wood, or metal you should opt for a drill having multiple speed features.

A cordless drill is also suitable for wall mounting your TV or doing other household tasks. You can use between 12V to 18V drills for this purpose.

Is Buying A Cordless Drill Worth It?

In a cordless drill, it is possible to drill holes and drive screws with the same drill. However, you have to charge a cordless drill after regular intervals. So if you thought of buying a cordless drill, it is a worthwhile buying choice.

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Final Argument:

You have to require the right voltage drill to wall mount a TV. Because if the voltage is not suitable according to the wall material on which you are mounting your TV then the drill will not work properly.

Today there are a wide variety of drills available in the market. You can read out the drill manual to know its voltage, working, and on which material it is suitable.

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