When Did Color TV Become Affordable?

When Did Color TV Become Affordable? – [You Need To Know!]

Color TV invention changed the world. Now, people have access to their favorite entertainment content at their home. As TV becomes popular with time, its prices also fall.

Color TV became affordable at the end of the 1980s. Before that time, color TVs were few in number; thus having high prices. Nowadays, the TV is the cheapest electronic device due to the large number of manufacturers and its overproduction.

To know about the history of color TV, and when color TV became available at home; read out this guide.

Why Are Color TVs Become Affordable Right Now?

Smart TVs are becoming cheaper with time because of their overproduction in the TV marketplace. In the last few years, various TV sets have been produced in large quantities that lower their prices.

Color TV

Even if you have a low budget, you can still find a smart TV having good features. Because nowadays, if you buy even a basic TV set it can provide you with good image quality and sound, which shows you can get large TV screens and the latest technology at an affordable price.

Another reason why TV is available at cheap prices is that TV brands introduce a new way of revenue stream which is Advertising. Advertisements generate high revenue for TV manufacturers.

Why Have Color TV Prices Fallen So Dramatically?

There are many reasons to lower color TV prices. Let’s discuss them.

Advance Technologies:

With time, color TV has gone through many technological advances. With the advancement in technology, consumers get more updated features in color TV.

For example, the introduction of 3D technology makes smart TVs slimmer and has larger displays.

With the latest advancements in new TV models, older color TVs become outdated. So these features lead to the price drop of color TVs.

As it is obvious smart TV companies improve TV features and improve their products which leads to the overproduction of smart TVs. This will ultimately lower the prices of smart TVs.

Growth Of TV Companies:

TV companies develop new technologies rapidly. In this way, there is a huge demand for new smart TVs that will help the growth and development of smart TV companies. As their production rate increases, this will result in lower TV prices.

TV Companies

The growth of TV companies creates a competitive environment in the smart TV marketplace.

Every TV brand focuses on delivering the best quality TV features at the cheapest price so it pushes every brand to produce more advanced features and increases their production rate.

New Technology Trends:

We have seen that most brands follow the same technological trends for years. When a new TV brand is introduced in the market, they generally come up with low-cost technology. These factors make them widely popular because of their price range.

When its popularity increases then they will start working on their quality parameters to compete with prominent TV brands.

Now TV is not a luxury item because it has become an affordable accessory. Nowadays, every home has more than one TV device because of its affordable prices.

In Which Year Did Color TV Become Common At Home?

In 1954, the first color TV was introduced to the public. There was a mixed reaction from the public as many of them believed that these prices were too high. At that time, only some people could afford this luxury item.

In 1960, people started considering color TV. At that time, RCA introduced its sets with better quality as compared to CBS’s sets. Additionally, most color TV comes with a full 100-inch screen and can create around 160 lines of resolution for every frame.

In the 1970s, Americans began buying color TVs rather than black and white ones. At the end of the 1980s, most homes had a color TV.

When Was The First Color TV Produced?

The first color TV was produced in the 1950s.

At that time only black and white TVs were produced. With time, TV technology improves.

First Color TV Produced

RCA and CBS compete to be the first manufacturers of color TVs. However, it was the CBS system that was approved by the FCC to start its manufacturing.

This happens because CBS can provide quality. The CBS color system can deliver 3 primary colors that can mix and produce other colors that you see on your TV screen.

Additionally, it can send out an image with at least 120 lines for every frame. This detailing was much better than the black and white TVs at that time.

However, one of the drawbacks is that many manufacturers could not make TVs because of the high cost.


Colors TV became cheaper because of its popularity and overproduction. This is the reason many TV brands lower their prices.

Additionally, prices of TV sets are also lower down due to new advancements in technology. Nowadays, it is not difficult to buy a color TV of around 50 inches or larger.

Color TV prices did not fall overnight; it took years of development and advancement that led to the overproduction of smart TVs. Now you can buy a smart TV with good image quality and amazing features at a cheap price.

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