Where Is The AV Input On The TCL Roku TV?

Where Is The AV Input On The TCL Roku TV? – [Quick Answer!]

When you have to use AV ports, you probably think about where these ports are.

AV inputs on TCL Roku are present on the backside of the TV. It’s quite simple to connect devices with AV inputs. You have to tap the Home button from the remote and choose an option. Press OK to choose and your video starts. Video and audio devices can easily connect with these ports.

Roku TVs are used to watch TV shows or movies through streaming applications. These can vary in size from remote control to a size of a chocolate bar.

Here is the complete guide about AV inputs on TCL Roku TV; let’s go through it.

Where Are The AV Inputs On TCL Roku TV?

AV inputs are used to connect the DVD player, a game console, or a video camera. These AV inputs are present on the backside of the TV; on the upper left corner of the TV’s back panel.

You can use these AV inputs to connect different devices to your TV. For this, you have to connect AV inputs with AV cables. Additionally, you can also use an HDMI port for connecting a laptop to the TV.

AV Input

In case you have an older TV having AV inputs, you can easily connect it to your Roku TV. For this, you have to go to the Settings menu. When you find the AV input, choose it and tap OK.

Most of the TVs have AV inputs on the backside of the TV and come with an AV adaptor. These AV adapters can plug into AV inputs on the TV’s backside. You can also connect a sound bar using these connectors.

For connecting a soundbar to TCL Roku TV, you have to turn ON the device and then go to Settings. Then you can choose your desired connection.

Roku TV comes with two AV inputs. One is an AV-in port and the other is an RCA port. Both of these connections allow you to easily connect to a video source. Additionally, you can also connect a VCR or an old TV through AV ports.

In older Roku TVs you may not easily find an AV port. To find this, you have to go to Settings and search AV input. If you cannot see AV ports, you can also try to add them back. After doing this, your Roku TV easily recognizes the AV input. In this way, it offers you to connect it to your Roku TV.

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How To Connect AV Input To TCL TV?

Firstly you have to find an AV input for connecting your audio-visual devices. These inputs are present in the upper left corner of the back panel of TCL TV. If you face difficulty in finding it, open the back of your TV and use a guide to search for it.

Then connect AV cables with proper connections on the TV. When you are done with the connections, turn your TV On and check your new AV.

You can connect a Sony home theater system to your TCL TV through an HDMI cable. In this way, your home theater system will display the videos that you want.

Do All TCL Roku TVs Contain AV Ports?

Yes, all TCL Roku TVs have AV ports. To watch movies on your TCL Roku TV you have to check whether your TV supports AV inputs or not. Some older TV models do not have AV ports. You can check out the TV manual to find out more about AV inputs.

You can connect Roku TV to the home theater system in many ways. The Roku app has a Multi-AV port with which you can connect multiple devices.

You can easily add AV input to your Roku TV. For this, open an input tab in the Roku app. Then find the input according to it. You can also use any old receiver or cable box to connect it to your Roku TV. However, it is necessary to use the correct plugs for the connection.

You can also connect your Roku TV with the HDMI ARC connector. Additionally, you can also connect the sound system with this connector. In this way, you can control the volume of the home theater system.


Furthermore, you can also show volume levels on the TV screen or mute it if you want.

How To Convert HDMl Input To AV Input Instead?

If you want to turn HDMI input into AV input you require a converter or adaptor. Before you start you should know the difference between these format conversions.

An adaptor and converter do the same thing. In this way, you can convert an HDMl input to an AV one for connectivity with different consoles like older DVD players or Wii.

The adapter is a cable that converts your HDMI port to an AV port for your new and old device connections. On the other hand, Converter is responsible for converting digital signals to analog.

Final Words:

AV inputs are present on the back side of your TCL Roku TV. If you have an older Roku TV, it has AV input but you have to find out how to turn the connection to the AV slot on the TCL Roku home screen.

If your TV has no AV input, you can make it by using an adaptor or converter so that your HDMI port will convert into an AV port.

Hope this article solves all your confusion related to AV inputs!

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