Where To Put A TV In A Small Bedroom

Where To Put A TV In A Small Bedroom? – [Here’s The Answer!]

So, you finally have bought or brought a TV for your bedroom but the problem here is your bedroom is shorter than you thought. Here, the only question you have right now is where to put a TV in your small bedroom.

Putting A TV In A Small Bedroom depends on the size of your room and the TV (primarily). But this is not it as it also depends on the structure and furniture setting of your TV.

Hence, we have many ideas for you so that you can go through and try them according to your bedroom:

Ideas to Put a TV in Your Small Bedroom:

When you have less space for your TV, the first thing that should come to your mind is a wall mount as this thing was mainly created to save space.

Put a TV in Small Bedroom

That’s why we will mostly consider hanging the TV on one of the walls. So, here we go:

1. Over the Dresser:

No matter how small your room is, you must have a dresser (or dressing table) in it. Right?

Hence, you have mounted your big TV over it on the wall. You can also place it on it if it has enough space. The only problem here will occur if you already have a mirror placed over the dresser. In that case, try other ways.

2. On the Side Wall of the Bed:

When you have less space in a room, most people go with placing the bed in one of the corners. If you also have done the same with your bedroom, you must consider wall mounting your TV on the side wall of your bed.

3. In Front of Your Bed:

As there is not enough space to place your TV on some sort of TV table, you have to make the best use of the walls.

So why not right in front of your bed?

4. Over the Fireplace:

We have already discussed placing the TV above the dresser. But if you don’t have a dresser in your room or your dresser already has a mirror over it, you can go for the fireplace.

This is one of the most common places when talking about placing or mounting a TV.

If you are already satisfied with one of our ideas and your problem is fixed, congratulations. Otherwise, keep reading as every possible solution to your problem is discussed below.

Where To Put A TV In A Small Bedroom With No Space for a TV Wall Mount?

There is a possibility that your small bedroom’s walls are already filled with different stuff (like wall paintings). If so, try these creative and efficient ways to sneak a TV into a small bedroom:

Put A TV In A Small Bedroom With No Space

1. Use a Cabinet:

When placing a TV instead of wall mounting it, the biggest problem is space. By using a cabinet or showcase, you can place the TV surrounded by other stuff as well.

That’s how not just your space problem will be sorted but also your TV back will be hidden.

2. On the Ceiling:

This trend is also quite famous among those who always have problems with space. You can install your TV up there in place of a ceiling fan.

It’s a better and unique way of enjoying TV while lying in bed. Isn’t it interesting and useful?

3. Hang from the Ceiling:

If you are not used to the previous idea of fixing a TV on the ceiling, you can hang your TV using a hanging mount that’ll be attached to the ceiling.

It might look unsafe but if your work is done by a professional and you have used the right hanger, things will go according to the plan.

Can you Place the TV in front of a Window in a Small Bedroom?

Yes and No!

In some cases, you can place the tv in front of a window in a small bedroom. Nonetheless, most interior designers will not recommend you do this.

Place the TV in front of a Window in a Small Bedroom

This question comes into a person’s mind if his room is not just small but also filled with windows. If you are facing this issue, you still don’t need to sweat hard as we are here with some of the solutions for you:

1. Choose the Right Side:

You can skip this solution or tip if you only have a window on one side of your bedroom.

This is an extremely important step in placing a TV in front of a window if your TV is filled with windows. Now as you have windows on all four sides of your room, so there must be at least one side from where sunlight never passes.

After accessing it for one day, you will find that side. Always use that side because direct exposure to sunlight isn’t right for TV (for too long).

2. Use a Special TV Lift:

Not everyone can afford a special TV lift that will hide and show TV whenever you want. But if you can, you must go for it.

Now you don’t have space anywhere else but in front of the window. So, choose a special TV lift instead of a normal stand.

That’s how TV will not consume any natural light as it is super harmful to it and it can even overheat.

3. Blinds Will Work:

Not everyone can afford a special TV lift but you have to save the TV from direct sunlight. Right?

So, why not use a proper blind all the time?

If you don’t have any problem with covering windows all day, please use blinds or curtains to save your TV.

4. Bamboo Blinds Look Better:

Usually, rooms with more windows are created to immerse nature in the lifestyle. So, if you think that using a normal (off-white) blind will change the whole thing and eliminate the natural touch, use bamboo blinds.

Tip: If you have any better place to put your TV, never think of putting TV in front of a window. But if you are tangled in the issue of small bedroom filled with window, any of our solution will work (every time).

Bottom Line:

We have discussed so many ways to put a TV in a small bedroom that you can’t be still tangled in this same issue.

But, if you still have any queries related to the topic, ask us without hesitating as we love to help you!

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