Where To Put TV When There Is No Wall?

Where To Put TV When There Is No Wall? – [Complete Details]

Many rooms do not have any walls because of too many windows or artwork. In this case, it is a crucial task to place your TV. However, there are many ways of placing your TV in a room other than wall mounting it.

You can place your TV on a TV stand or cabinet if you have no room wall for mounting your TV. However, you should place a TV stand or cabinet according to the room’s orientation for perfect furniture placement.

You can do different experiments by putting a TV in different room locations. In this way, you can know about the best place to put your TV. Let’s know different ways of installing a TV in a room with no walls.

What Factors Matter To Place A TV When There Is No Wall?

There are some factors that you need to consider when you have no wall in your room to place your TV. Let’s discuss those factors.

Place A TV When There Is No Wall


When your room has many windows and doors and you don’t have any space on the wall to install your TV, then the layout matters a lot. You should place your TV anywhere that is away from direct sunlight and does not receive any glare on the TV screen.

You should place the TV on a stand or cabinet if you have no wall. However, TV placement should be according to the room’s layout.

A great idea is to place your TV by figuring out the room’s focal point. Most rooms have common focal points like big windows, fireplaces, architectural spots, or an alcove on the wall that is aesthetically pleasing and draws everyone’s attention.


The way you arrange your furniture matters a lot for TV placement. Wherever you place your TV in a room, there should be a sofa opposite it. Furniture placement produces an optical illusion so that your room looks bigger or smaller according to the furniture placement.


Smart TV usually comes in bigger sizes. In case your room does not have a wall for TV placement your TV size matters if you are going to put it on a TV stand or cabinet. In short, your TV size determines the location of your TV, as it can be in the middle of a room on a TV stand or cabinet, or on the ceiling.

One important thing to consider while TV placement is that it won’t affect your viewing angle. Because in the case of LCD TVs, it won’t look clear if you are not looking straight at them. So watch TV from every angle before placing it in the room.

Should My TV Be Mounted On A Stand If There Is No Wall In My Room?

TV Be Mounted On A Stand

Mounting your smart TV on a stand or cabinet is the best way to utilize your room’s space. Stand mounting your TV above a fireplace or TV cabinet would be aesthetically pleasing. It will be a very space-friendly option. In this way, you can hide cords or wires beside the stand or cabinet efficiently.

How To Put A TV In A Room With No Walls?

Here are a few essential things to consider while putting your TV in a room without a wall;

  • You can hide your TV on the back of the cabinetry.
  • You should put all the TV components inside the cabinet
  • Additionally, use a power strip so all the cords or cables will be contained in your cabinet. Then there will be only one power cord outside the cabinet.

TV Cabinet:

A TV cabinet offers plenty of space in your room and makes your room aesthetically pleasant. Your room will be free from TV components like cords, cables, or power strips.

Best way to do it:

You can do floor-mounting the electrical outlets. If you install some new outlets while putting your TV, then place these outlets under the TV cabinet. Also, put all the plugs under the TV cabinet. You should create an access panel under the cabinet to easily reach the plug.

TV Holder:

Using a TV holder is the best way to place your TV in a room with no wall. However, the TV holder cannot hide all the cables. You can place any box on its base that will hold all the cable and cords of the TV. There should be only one power cable outside the box.

TV Holder for a tv

Best way to do it:

If your room doesn’t have a floor-mounted electrical outlet, then you should use the best cable cover for hiding all the cables and cords. Then lay them flat on the floor. Ensure to put all TV cables inside TV cabinets.

Final Argument:

If your room has many windows and there is no space for putting your TV on the wall; then you can use TV holders. TV holders look aesthetically pleasing.

You can also use a TV cabinet; in this way, all the cables or power cords of your TV will easily hide.

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