Which HDMI Port To Use For 4K On Samsung TV?

Which HDMI Port To Use For 4K On Samsung TV? – [Explained]

Some people say it doesn’t even matter which HDMI port you use for 4K. Well, it’s true to some extent, as it depends on your TV, and for most Samsung TVs, the version of the HDMI port matters a lot.

The earlier you understand that not every HDMI port is the same, the better it is for you and your Samsung TV.

That’s why you must know which HDMI port to use for 4k on Samsung TV.

You should use HDMI port 1 (which supports 60Hz and HDR) for the best results if you want to watch 4K stuff on your Samsung TV. But if you are using the newest model of Samsung smart TV, you might not need to worry about this issue.

This is just the beginning of this lengthy discussion, as there are many questions you might have in mind, like “Why just HDMI port 1?”.

So, let’s have a look at this topic closely:

Why does the Version of HDMI port Matter for 4K on Samsung TV?

Although every HDMI port looks the same on Samsung TVs, all of them have different functions and can only be used for that specific purpose.

HDMI Port on Samsung TV

Function (which is watching 4K in this case) isn’t just the thing that matters. Because another thing is the version of the format in which you are watching that 4K video.

For example, for watching a movie on Blu-ray, you will have to choose a different HDMI port, and for playing a video game, a different HDMI port will be used.

We know things are not making that much sense for you at the moment, which is why you should first know about the version of HDMI port, labels of HDMI ports, and their functions.

Versions and Labels of HDMI Ports:

First things first, the most famously used versions of HDMI ports are from 1.0 to 2.5, and every one of them is used for a different purpose. But here, we’ll just take about those versions of HDMI ports that support 4K videos (60Hz and HDR).

For 4K videos, go for 1.2, 1.2a, 1.3, 1.4b, 2.0, 2.0b, 2.1. Just like the last one, everyone is used for different specific frequencies (except HDMI port 2.1).

Other than versions, there are two more things:

  • Numbers
  • Labels

Numbers are like HDMI 1, HDMI2, or HDMI 3, etc., and you know that your need HDMI 1. Labels of HDMI ports are written as:

  • HDMI (STB)
  • HDMI (ARC) or HDMI (eARC)
  • HDMI (DVI)
  • HDMI (MHL)

Which HDMI Port is the Best for You to Watch 4K on Samsung TV?

In the end, it all depends on you!

That’s why we have compiled all possible scenarios you might be facing. So, simply pick the one that seems closest to your situation:

hdmi port

Home Theatre:

Want to create a movie theatre at home?

Always use the HDMI (ARC or eARC) port as you will have to use external speakers. In this way, you will not have to buy a special HDMI cable, as an ordinary one will do the job.

Cable TV:

Here’s the most common one.

Want to watch some news or sports on TV cable?

Use HDMI (STB) port or HDMI 1 for the best results.

PC to 4K Samsung TV:

Another common situation is in which you have to use an HDMI port. Let’s suppose you have to connect your old PC to your new 4K Samsung TV and want the best possible result (which is 4K).

In this very case, HDMI (DVI) port as you do not just want to connect an HDMI cable to your TV but also a 3.5 mm headphone or speaker cable.

Streaming Player:

Not many people connect streaming players like Roku with a Samsung TV. But if you want to, you can do it simply with the help HDMI HDCP 2.2 port.

Not every Samsung TV has this port, so you first search on the internet whether your Samsung TV has it or not.

Smart Phone to Smart TV:

A rare situation requires a rare HDMI port!

You might need to connect a tablet or smartphone to your Samsung TV. In this case, you must have HDMI (MHL) and DVI ports.

Samsung doesn’t pay much attention to this stuff as you can mirror the image of your phone on the TV using some different methods that are easier, like:

  • Using LAN or Network Sharing
  • Or by any app.

If you are super lucky and you get these ports, would you buy an HDMI cable just for a thing that can be done for free?

Where Are The HDMI Ports On Samsung 4K TV?

The placement of HDMI ports depends on the model of your Samsung 4K TV. But in most cases, you will find HDMI ports in the lower right corner of the TV.

These ports look quite similar to USB ports which you will see on the back of your computer (for the keyboard and mouse).

Here, you will also find a power cord on the exact opposite side of the HDMI ports. Every HDMI port will have a different color as they are distinguished on this base.

HDMI Port Is Best For Gaming In Samsung TV

Other than color, these are also distinguished by the labeling. You want the one that supports 4K videos and stuff, so find the HDMI port with text similar to

  • 10-bit
  • 4K@60Hz

Which HDMI Cable To Use For 4K On Samsung TV?

To connect your 4K TV to an external device, you will need to buy an HDMI cable that supports UltraHD 4K and HDR.

In most cases, Monoprice HDMI cable will do the job nicely. But if you are still confused, go to a nearby hardware or electronics shop and ask the shopkeeper for a Monoprice HDMI cable that will suit your 4K Samsung TV.

Final Words

Finally, you know which HDMI port to use for 4K on Samsung TV.

If you are still unable to watch 4K videos on your Samsung TV, there is a possibility that either one or both (your Samsung TV and external device) doesn’t support 4K and HDR.

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