Who Makes Onn TV For Walmart?

Who Makes Onn TV For Walmart? – [Everything You Should Know]

Are you looking to buy an Onn TV from Walmart? If so, there must be tons of questions in your mind, and one of them is: “Who makes Onn TV for Walmart?”

Walmart has never officially disclosed the company that makes Onn TV for Walmart, but a bunch of companies pop up on search engines when you look for the actual manufacturer of Onn TV for Walmart.

What’s the matter?

Today, we’ll disclose this topic entirely by not just showing you the real manufacturer of Walmart but also an expert guide on whether Onn TV is worth the hype.

So, let’s hop into it:

List of Companies Who Make Onn TV for Walmart:

You already know that Walmart doesn’t want to tell us about the actual manufacturer of Onn TVs due to personal reasons, but it’s confirmed that Walmart doesn’t make them themselves.


According to our research, at the moment, Walmart is working with a bunch of manufacturers to make Onn TVs for Walmart. So, we’ll have a look at all of them:

1. Duraband (Primary Manufacturer):

Duraband is also known as a private label trademark or tradename of Walmart. It means that Walmart is the parent company of Duraband.

In the very beginning of Onn TVs, Walmart gave the project to its own company (Duraband). Along with Onn TVs, Duraband also used to manufacture many other electronics for Walmart.

There is still a different section in Walmart for Duraband electronics, but they do not manufacture Onn TVs for Walmart due to different reasons.

2. Element Electronics:

After Duraband, Walmart decided to contact the famous manufacturer Element Electronics. This American-based electronics company started a partnership with Walmart in 2018 to make Onn TVs.

In 2020, Element Electronics was hit hard with financial issues and also filed for bankruptcy, which is why many rumors started circulating that Walmart stopped working with them. But we can’t say anything about the guarantee as Walmart never talked about it.

3. Hisense:

One of the current manufacturers of Onn TVs for Walmart is Hisense which is, in fact, one of the best TV manufacturers in the world.

This Chinese company is one of the oldest in the business, as it started its mission back in 1969 and has been working with Walmart since 2020 for its cutting-edge knowledge.

Hisense TV

4. Sanyo:

Just like Hisense, Sanyo is also one of the oldest in the business and started manufacturing electronics in 1949.  This Japanese company makes many other electronics for Walmart as well.

5. TCL:

It is being said that Hisense and TCL are the only two partners of Walmart that are still working with them. But there is no news of Sanyo being ditched. We all know that TCL is already a world-famous TV-related brand.

Walmart is currently in partnership with many different manufacturers as it wants to make the perfect TV by using the different expertise of those manufacturers. For example, when talking about innovative technology, Sanyo is one of the best in the business.

Why Is Duraband Not Currently Making Onn TV for Walmart?

You might already know that Duraband is itself a brand of Walmart. Now, the real story is that Duraband was a company made for selling electronics by Walmart.

But after some time, Walmart changed its name to Onn TVs because its purpose was changed to just selling TVs.

Now, the question is, why go for partnerships when manufacturing was going alright with its brand?

Walmart didn’t officially announce anything, but It was said to be some sort of marketing strategy.

Should You Buy an Onn TV from Walmart?

It’s a difficult question to answer in a short period as it all depends on two major things:

  • Your Need
  • Your Budget

Almost every famous TV brand is good, but not with everything. You just need to compare their features with your needs to determine which one is better.

So, here we will have a look at the pros and cons of buying an Onn TV from Walmart to give you a clear idea about this famous brand:

onn tv

Pros of Onn TV:

1. Affordable:

Are you a budget shopper and want a big screen without breaking the bank? Onn TV is one of the cheapest brands in its league.

2. Picture Quality:

Not the best, but Onn TV can provide you with one of the best picture quality, especially when we talk about the budget.

3. User-friendly Interface:

If you are going to use a smart TV for the first time ever, you should give Onn TV a go, as its use is super easy for even first-timers.

4. Wide Range of Sizes:

While buying a TV, you will never need to worry about the size of the screen as Walmart comes up with a great variety.

5. All Streaming Services:

Almost every famous smart TV has streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, but some don’t have these services. Nonetheless, don’t worry, as Onn TV isn’t one of them.

Cons of Onn TV:

1. Poor Sound Quality:

Not many, but there are a few numbers of customers who have complained that the sound experience wasn’t up to the mark. And it eventually ruins your experience of gaming or watching movies.

2. Limited Availability:

You might already know that Onn TVs are only available at Walmart stores and on its website. It decreases its availability as compared to other brands as you can’t buy them at any other electronic stores.

3. Incomplete Features:

When talking about smart TVs, there are so many features in most smart TVs that you can’t even use all of them. But Onn TV is not among those smart TVs as it might seem you are short on features.

4. Bad Customer Support:

When compared with other brands of the same kind, it was easily noticed that Walmart’s (Onn TV) customer support wasn’t as good as others.

5. Partial Warranty:

Many customers pay more attention to warranty cards than the features of the TV. If you are one of them, Onn TVs of Walmart isn’t for you.


So, you finally know who potentially makes Onn TV for Walmart. Right?

Well, among the affordable options in smart TVs, Onn TV of Walmart is one of the best in the business, and you already know the reason after reading the pros and cons of Onn TVs.

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