Why Can Some Dogs See TV and Others Can't?

Why Can Some Dogs See TV And Others Can’t? – [Explained]

Being a dog owner is not easy, as you have to take care of your pet every time, just like a baby. Many dog owners (especially those who have more than one dog) ask this question: “Why can some dogs see tv and others can’t?”

So, Yes, It varies from dog to dog. According to a famous veterinary behaviorist (Nicholas Dodman), dogs actually observe and notice images and sounds that come from the TV.

This question requires a comprehensive answer with an explanation. For that, you need to read this article. So, let’s get straight to it:

Why Can Some Dogs See TV and Others Can’t?

Actually, it’s not a matter of ‘can’ because every dog can watch TV, but some dogs prefer watching while others don’t.

Some dogs love watching TV every time and will fight with you if you turn off the TV when they are watching.

Dogs watching TV

While some dogs only stop to watch TV when their favorite advertisement or show comes on the big screen.

The first two types of dogs might stand on two feet and bark in joy while watching TV. But there is one more type that doesn’t care about TV at all.

So yes, it’s true that some dogs take an interest in TV while others don’t. You will understand this in better way if you are a parent of more than one dog.

Because it happens so often with dog owners that one of their dogs sits and watches TV properly as if he knows what’s going on, while the second one doesn’t care about TV.

To understand it accurately, we need to go back to the research of Nicholas Dodman, which we have narrated before.

In the same research, Nicholas Dodman further said that although every dog can observe moving photos and sounds of TV, every dog reacts to it differently.

The reaction of the dog depends on many aspects, including:

  • his breed
  • nature etc

Important Factors:

If your dog/s is watching or not watching TV, you already know that it can be due to its breed and nature.

But many times, dogs of same breed and (almost same) nature don’t react to the TV similarly. There can be many things behind this behavior.


dog is not watching tv

Some of the most common ones are:

  • A dog will watch TV if a specific TV show or advertisement is more interesting and eventful than his life.
  • If a dog comes on TV, your dog might get attracted to it and watch it until it goes away.
  • Dogs get attracted to other animals. So, TV channels like National Geographic or Discovery can be the reason.
  • Dogs copy their owner. So, if you watch so much TV, your dog might watch to copy you even when you are not watching.

What do Dogs See When They Watch TV?

We can’t get into the head of a dog or ask him, “what do you see?”

But scientists and dog specialists have done many kinds of research, and most of them proved that dogs don’t see the world like humans.

The biggest change between a dog’s vision and human vision is that they don’t see bright colors. Instead, they assume that the world is of one color with different shades. It’s quite similar to the black-and-white world.

Moreover, unlike humans, dogs don’t watch TV for content (obviously) as they don’t know what’s going on.

Dogs actually watch TV out of curiosity to watch their fellow animals (mostly dogs). When a dog looks at his fellow dog on the TV, he starts watching the TV. He does this due to the movement or changes in images of the dog on TV.

Furthermore, the dog will react according to the emotions of the dog (or any other animal) on TV. If a dog is looking happy on TV and jumping for joy, your dog will also start doing the same.

Not just this, but your dog can also start crying if he sees a dog sad or crying on the TV (maybe in a documentary).

Nevertheless, most dogs become happy while watching TV. It’s because most shows and advertisements portray dogs and other animals as joyful.

Should Your Dog Watch TV?

Watching TV for a few minutes out of curiosity is never bad for your dog. But if your dog is watching TV more than usual, it can be a problem.

If your dog didn’t watch TV in the past, but now, he is spending so much time in front of the big screen, it can be alarming.

dog is watching so much tv

We all have heard the saying, “Excess of everything is bad.” Right? So, here you need to stop your dog from watching TV.

In any state, the situation is under your control. But if your dog fights with you when you turn off the TV, things are getting out of hand.

The solution is always stuck in the cause. And in this case, we have already mentioned some common causes of a dog watching TV.

In this alarming situation, the only reason behind your dog’s addiction towards TV is that he thinks that TV is more interesting than his life.

So, start spending some valuable time with your dog so that he doesn’t feel bored again and watch TV.


Now, you know, “Why can some dogs see tv and others can’t?”

Not just this, but you also know many other behaviors of your dog while watching or not noticing TV.

Moreover, some people ask another question, “do dogs actually watch TV?”

This question means just looking at TV is different from watching TV. Right? So, yes, dogs watch TV, but they don’t see what we see. They don’t get the idea of content; they just get excited by moving objects and sounds (mostly of dogs).

We have filled this article with a bunch of important pieces of information you must know about the relationship between your dog and TV.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. But if it’s not enough, you can ask for more. We love to help you!

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