Why Does My Cat Scratch The TV?

Why Does My Cat Scratch The TV? – [Things You Need To Know]

Sometimes owning an animal becomes more hectic than parenting, especially when you are dealing with cats (the rude ones).

Cat-scratching a TV screen isn’t a casual thing at all. So, why does your cat scratch the TV?

Does it hate any TV show or movie?

We can’t get into the mind of a cat, but we guess it doesn’t hate TV shows. Well, there can be many things popping into a cat’s mind while scratching the TV. The main reason behind this behaviour is boredom (usually).  

Another question you might ask is, “Can my cat even scratch a TV screen?”

Yes, it can, and this will cost you way more than you think. It sounds terrifying. Right?

Now, what should you do?

Wait and relax!

Read this thorough article calmly and pay attention to every portion to stop this behaviour of your cat:

Is Your Cat more Obsessed with TV than ever before?

Noticing any change in a cat’s behavior is not a difficult thing for an owner. Because cats love being the center of attention, and in this case, you have to notice their behavior.

That’s why if your cat has suddenly started loving TV or spending more time near the TV, you must have noticed.

cat with tv

Cats always get attracted to moving objects, and if it’s an animal that the cat is familiar with (that can be another cat), then your cat will run toward it.

On TV, ads, documentaries, and animal shows usually come up with animals that can easily attract a cat (especially if it is bored).

Now, this usually happens when a person buys a new TV. If TV is a normal thing for cats, they will rarely pay attention to it. But if it’s new and has things of interest to (animals), it can sit and watch it for a long while.

So, is it bad? Is it good? What does it indicate?

Well, it is not that bad, but not good as well because this can be a reason for your cat scratching the TV screen. So, it’s better to make your cat do something else.

Reasons Why Your Cat is Scratching the TV:

As we told you earlier, scratching a TV screen isn’t part of a cat’s daily life. It’s not normal, which is why it’s better to know why your cat is scratching the TV.

Cat Scratching The TV

Here are some reasons you should know before going towards solutions to this very problem:

Boredom can make you do Anything:

Yes, just like humans, cats also get bored, and in boredom, they will literally watch anything. This is one of the most common reasons for this problem.

We have already discussed this thing pretty much in the previous heading about why your cat would start watching TV.

Certainly, it can be because it is bored.

Reel vs Real:

Your cat might be thinking about the people or animals shown on the TV. In this case, it will get interested in them and try reaching them. This is quite similar to the previous one, as the cat would never do it if it’s not bored.

TV is a Mirror:

A clean TV screen can also work like a mirror, which is why your cat might be just trying to get to another cat on the TV.

This thing is not that normal because you might have another mirror in your house. But if you don’t have any other mirror, your cat will look at the TV with a black screen. Moreover, as a cat owner, you might already know that cats are obsessed with themselves.

Indeed, they love themselves, and it can also be one of the reasons why it is looking into your TV (to see itself) and then scratching it just out of curiosity (maybe).

Cats love Scratching:

You might already know it if you have experience parenting a cat that it loves scratching its nails. It’s their normal routine work. Their day doesn’t end without scratching their nails.

Scratching is Stretching:

This reason is pretty much related to the previous one. Cats love scratching because that’s how they stretch their muscles and keep their claws sharp like knives. You can’t stop a cat from scratching, which is why many cat owners don’t buy carpets.

Cats are Possessive:

Not just about their friends, partners, and owners, cats are also obsessive about their place. They love claiming their living area as their territory.

Even when they find a new thing or go to a new place, they leave their signature thereby scratching. This reason is only valid if you have bought a new TV or a new cat.

Sound was Good:

Cats have a good memory. If they hear a sound that they have heard before, they would go towards it and try approaching it by scratching it.

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching the TV?

After knowing the reasons, it must be looking extremely difficult to stop your cat from doing this irritating (and obviously costly) practice.

So, here are the best things you can do:

Buy a Pole:

No, your cat is not going to pole dance for you because the thing you will buy is a scratching pole. Now, your cat will do its stretching and sharpening of claws without even bothering you.

Well, you can also arrange any other stuff for your cat to scratch its nails, but for ideal results, a scratching pole is a way to go.

Cut the Nails:

Cutting nails from time to time, not only yours but also your cat is quite important. Look! We learned some reasons of scratching TV is not possible to deal with, like the second last one.

This is why if you cut its nails, your TV will be safe even if your cat doesn’t stop scratching at any cost.

Spend some more time Together:

Yes, you need to spend more time (than usual) with your cat. Because maybe your cat is bored because you are not giving it time.

  • Play with your cat
  • Make it feel comfortable
  • Fulfil its needs

Get some Toys:

Another way to kill boredom is by giving cat toys. Make the toys more reachable than the TV. As cats are lazy, your cat will never go for TV if it has toys.

Get Some Toys for cat

Moreover, bring toys that have sounds with which your cat is familiar. In the last reason, we discussed that cat goes to TV because sounds attract them. Got it?

Bottom Line (Important Tip):

In the end, you are all set to change the behaviour of your cat. Because you do not just know why my cat scratches the TV, but you also have a number of solutions to this problem.

Important Tip: Never rely on one solution because you don’t know which one is right. So, try all of them for the best results as you want to save your TV. Right?

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