Why Does My TV Flicker With HDMI?

Why Does My TV Flicker With HDMI? – [Complete information]

You are worried when you see your TV screen suddenly flickering.

Here can be the main reason:

Your TV screen starts flickering if you improperly connect an HDMI cable or use a loose or damaged HDMI cable. Also, One of the common factors of TV screen flickering is dirty HDMI ports.

LCD TV screens flicker for many reasons. Faulty or damaged HDMI cable is a common reason for screen flickering.

But how can we resolve the TV screen flickering issue? You will find its answer in this guide. So let’s read it.

Why Does My TV Start Flickering After Connecting HDMI?

It is a common issue that your TV starts flickering after connecting an HDMl with it. There are many reasons for it. Flickering may be caused due to a faulty or bad HDMl cable or port or maybe you won’t plug the cable properly into the port.

TV Flicker

Reasons for the screen flickering & Solutions:

Replace Your HDMI Cable:

Most of the time your TV starts flickering due to the faulty HDMI cable. Maybe these faulty cables cause interruptions in TV functioning.

With continuous use, these HDMl cables start damaging and could not work properly which leads to screen flickering.

To resolve this issue, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly unplug your HDMI cable from the TV.
  • Then plug that HDMI cable into various devices to explore the fault.
  • If it’s working then continue running the device with that HDMl for some minutes.
  • Observe for a few minutes whether the TV screen is flickering or not.

By these steps, you can easily find out whether your HDMl is faulty or whether it causes flickering or not. If nothing works out follow the below steps.

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Examine The HDMI Port:

To resolve your TV flickering issue, you can also check out the HDMI ports. Because in older TVs HDMI ports get stuck with dirt which interrupts the signals. So the TV starts flickering when it doesn’t receive proper signals.

screen flickering due to hdmi

In most cases, there is a fault with the HDMI port. The latest TVs come with multiple HDMI ports. You can also unplug HDMl from one port and plug it into the other. From this, you will find out whether the port is faulty or not.

Properly Connect The HDMI Cable:

A common mistake that causes flicking is not properly connecting the HDMI cable. If you don’t connect it properly in the port it won’t receive proper signals and sometimes show “No Signals”.

So ensure to perfectly fit the HDMI cable in the operational port. Additionally pushing the cable forcibly to the port also damages the HDMI port. So always try to gently push the cable in the HDMI port. Furthermore, keep the cable straight and bend-free as much as possible.

Check The Internal Problems:

Flickering TV can also be caused due to loose or bad TV connection. These internal issues can only be resolved by a professional.

Apart from the HDMI cable, the TV may flicker due to internal issues or software problems.

If flickering will not be resolved after applying all the above steps then you have to contact a professional.

Refresh Rate:

Mostly you can easily solve flickering issues by increasing the refresh rate. The refresh rate of your TV display shows how often it will refresh each second. A smart TV display refreshes multiple times in a second to provide you with content like video or movie.

refresh rate

This refreshing of the TV screen happens so rapidly that the human eye cannot see it. The more your TV has a refresh rate the more it will provide you with video quality.

Furthermore, if a TV has a low refresh rate, a person who is watching TV can see the screen flickering.

Signs Of A Faulty Cable:

Damaged or loose HDMI cables can lead to flickering TV screens. A damaged HDMI cable will lead to snowy pictures or flickering screen colors. If you use a coaxial cable it may lead to changes in brightness and coloring intensity.

Some common symptoms are how your HDMI cable is faulty and you have to change it; it shows the following signs:

  • Sparkling image/picture
  • Blurry or fuzzy image.
  • No Picture or No Signal
  • No Sound
  • Sometimes show weird screen colors
  • Remote may not work properly

Consequences Of Connecting Faulty HDMI Cable:

If you continuously use faulty HDMI cables without changing them, then it may lead to severe situations. Faulty HDMI cables can catch fire or may spark. This sparking and fire will lead to multiple unfortunate consequences.

HDMI Cables

So always try to change or replace your damaged or faulty HDMI cable before it’s too late.


Smart TV is a huge investment, so always try to buy high-quality HDMI cables. HDMI cable has a major role in the wellness of your smart TV.

Immediately change your damaged or faulty HDMI cable. If your TV screen does not stop flickering after changing, then check the HDMI ports.

However, if nothing works out you should consult a professional.

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