Why Does My TV Smell Like Burning Plastic?

Why Does My TV Smell Like Burning Plastic? – [Explained]

You are lucky because you have already smelt the upcoming problem. It could have been worse if you hadn’t noticed that weird smell.

But why does your TV smell like burning plastic?

The burning smell from the TV indicates that there’s a problem with the internal components of your TV. It can be due to many different reasons, like overheating.

Not just overheating, several other potential reasons can cause a burning smell from your TV. That’s why we’ll discuss all of them with the solution to the burning smell from the TV.

So, let’s get straight into it:

9 Reasons Why Your TV Smells Like Burning Plastic:

Finding the reason behind the issue is the very first step towards solving it, which is why you should first read all the potential reasons we described here:

TV Smells Like Burning Plastic


Let’s start with the most common reason behind that burning plastic smell “overheating.” Have you been using the TV for more time than usual without taking a break?

Or the temperature in your TV room is quite high?

Due to overheating, the internal components of the TV get too hot and start creating a plastic-like odor. It can also be because the fan (of your TV) is not working properly. So, do check it as well.

Faulty Capacitors:

There are solid chances that you can’t determine whether it’s the faulty capacitor that’s emitting a burning odor or not.

To check the capacitor, get a multimeter and connect your capacitor to it. Then see whether it is making enough voltage or not.

Burning Wires:

External or internal wire damage can also be the reason for the plastic-like smell. Pick up external wires and see if they are hotter than usual or smell bad. This one can even lead your home to fire, so be super careful.

Melting Plastic:

As the smell suggests, it can be because of some kind of plastic in or on the TV. Plastic is one of the most important components of TV and can be seen everywhere. So, this issue should be resolved immediately, as melting plastic can even damage other components of the TV.


If you have never cleaned your TV with a vacuum or something soft inside the TV, there must be heaving dust particles stuck on components producing heat.

Short Circuit:

If that burning plastic smell is quite sudden, a short circuit might be the reason behind it. As it can be anywhere in or on TV because TV is filled with small circuits and wires, you can’t take any risk.

Electronic Components Failure:

A bunch of (tiny) electronic components are fitted into a TV, and they can also stop working properly. It can lead to a burning smell as every other component is working except that defective one. Transistors and resistors are the most common components to fail and emit a burning smell.

Dirty Filter:

The filter is the reason why your TV is working properly and not getting hot. And if it starts getting hot and emits a burning smell, it means that either it’s dirty or defective. Filters don’t get defective commonly, so they might be dirty if you don’t clean them regularly.

Manufacturing Defects:

Have you bought a TV in recent times?

A new TV doesn’t emit a plastic-like smell until it’s kept in a hot environment or manufactured improperly.

Now, your job is to determine which reason seems to fit your situation so that you can immediately eliminate that burning smell.

What to Do If Your TV Smells Like Burning Plastic?

So, you must have read in the previous section that, in many cases, this burning plastic smell can make things worse if not dealt with properly.

What to Do If Your TV Smells Like Burning Plastic?

That’s why we are here with some immediate tasks for you to not get into a bigger problem than this:

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Turn off the TV:

Want your home on fire?

If not, turn off the TV right now!

The first and most important thing you can do is turn your TV off completely by unplugging the main switch.

If you don’t do it, the TV will continue producing more and more heat which can make things worse for you to handle.

Allow the TV to cool down:

Now, when you have turned the TV off, let it cool. For this, you should turn the fan or AC on so that your TV can get rid of heat from outside.

After 30 minutes, if you think that smell is gone and the TV is also cool down, try turning it on and see if things go well or not.

Inspect the TV:

Another thing you can do is inspect the TV. As we told you earlier, nine things could have happened to your TV, and inspecting will help you find the one.

Moreover, see if there is already a fire in your TV, on your TV, or near the wires. Even if there is a fire, don’t panic and do this:

  • Keep clothes away from it.
  • Get it into a cold area.

Call a Technician:

Calling a technician is indeed the wisest decision you might take here, as a big risk is involved here.

Call the Manufacturer:

A problem can also be with manufacturing. Try contacting the manufacturer or retailer and see if they can help you get out of this chaos.

Check Air Vents and Filters:

There should be no dust particles in the filters and air vents of your TV. They block air from entering the TV, increasing the burning smell.

What NOT to Do If Your TV Smells Like Burning Plastic?

After the things you should do, here are things you must never even think of doing if you notice a burning plastic smell:


Don’t Ignore It:

Ignoring it is the same as flaring up the fire!

Got it!

Never Think You Can Repair It Yourself:

As risk is involved, you must never think of repairing it yourself unless you have enough technical knowledge.

No Water at All:

You might think, “Ok, I can’t throw a bucket on a TV because it can damage it, but I can spray water on it to cool it down.”

NO! You should never do it!

Firstly, spraying water will flare up the fire, if there is any. Secondly, it can damage everything on your TV.


Now you know that there can be nine potential reasons why your Tv smells like burning plastic. Other than troubleshooting this problem the way we described, the best thing you can do is hope that not more than one reason is behind this issue.

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