Why Does Switch Look Bad On 4K TV?

Why Does Switch Look Bad On 4K TV? – [Complete Information]

So, you have a 4K smart TV, but your Nintendo Switch is not looking that good, which it should be. Right? If so, before even finding its solution, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Why does Switch look bad on 4K TV ?”

You can face this problem due to several reasons. But the main reason is that a Nintendo Switch can never provide you with a picture of more than 1080p. That’s why it doesn’t run and look that well on a 4K TV.

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Why Does Switch Look Bad on 4K TV?

Now, when you know that a Nintendo Switch will work best on a 1080p screen, will you buy a new 4K TV?

new nintendo switch

If you are a true lover of Nintendo Switch, you would love to play it on a better screen (obviously, if you can afford it).

Is It Worth Buying a New 4K TV Just for Nintendo Switch?


If you already have a 4K TV and when you tried playing Nintendo Switch on it, it didn’t look good, then you can’t do much.

Many gamers of Nintendo Switch are getting bored of playing their favorite games on 720p or 1080p screens. That’s when they think of upgrading to a 4K smart TV just for Nintendo Switch.

If you are also one of them, step back and put your saving in your pocket because it might become one of the worst decisions of your life.

Nintendo Switch will not give you the best experience that you are looking for. Now, the thing you can do is wait for a better version of Siwtch that can run properly on your smart 4K TV.

Now, there is another thing!

If you already have a 4K TV and want to play games on Nintendo Switch with it, will it play?

So, yes, you can run Nintendo Switch on a 4K monitor, LCD, or LED TV. Here, you need to understand one thing.

A Nintendo is capable of working with a 4K TV, but it is not capable of making a 4K image. That’s why when you use it on a 4K TV, and it gives you the experience of a 1080p screen, it looks muddy.

How Can You Make Nintendo Switch Look Good on a 4K TV?

Now, you know that a Nintendo Switch can’t provide you with an image of more than 1080p itself. But you can make it work properly on your 4K TV with the help of a thing called “TV Upscaler.”

What Is TV Upscaling? — Thoroughly Explained

Before knowing about TV upscaling, you must know what TV upscaling is. In simple words, it’s a way of making a video work properly that has lower resolution work on a TV that supports the relatively higher resolution.

Note: If you know what pixels are and what their role is, you can skip the following three paragraphs.

Now, when we go in-depth, different resolution means that the number of pixels for one image on the screen is different.

For example, when Nintendo Switch says that it can provide you with a picture quality of 1080p resolution, it means that at a time, there will be 1080 pixels on the TV screen to run Switch (properly).

And if your TV is 4K, it means that at a time, there will be 4000 tiny pixels of different colors to give you a better quality.

Now, that’s where the problem starts because Switch will work accurately when there are 1080 pixels on the screen. While your TV will have 4000 pixels on the screen.

At this point, TV upscaling comes into play and does its job by increasing the pixel count of your Nintendo Switch from 1080 to 4000 to match the TV requirement.

Now, your TV will work appropriately if you have a TV Upscaler.

tv upscaling

If you are lucky, you might get a built-in TV Upscaler as new TV models are coming with this amazing feature.

Otherwise, you can also buy a TV Upscaler from a third party. Always choose a trusted seller!

But before that, you need to know that a TV Upscaler does not guarantee you the best results. Generally speaking, it depends quite much on your luck.

Because in many cases, TV Upscaler (instead of making video better) blurs the image. While in another case, excessive saturation ruins things.

And the worse part of it is that you can’t get away with this problem (blur and saturation) without getting rid of that Upscaler.

But if you genuinely want amazing results, you should gamble this thing because you don’t have any other option.

Or you can try Nintendo Switch OLED.

Is Nintendo Switch OLED Actually Worth-trying?

Now, if you don’t know, you need to know that many people claimed in 2019 (especially) and still claim that Switch OLED (or its dock) works properly with a 4K TV.

They believe it because they think that Switch OLED is 4K.

Well, are they right?

Should you give it a try?

No, it’s completely up to you but as per our information, it is not 4K or it doesn’t work (naturally) on a 4K TV.

So, the only thing you should try is a TV Upscaler. (It’s our recommendation)

Nintendo Switch on a table

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will TV Upscaler Decrease the Quality of My Switch?

No, because the job of TV Upscaler is to increase the number of pixels without doing anything with the quality. Look! You are already facing a problem related to quality. Right? Then what will be the point of using a TV Upscaler if it can’t fix it completely?

Can I Play Nintendo Switch on an 8K TV?

Yes, just like your 4K TV, an 8K TV will also accept Nintendo Switch but will not provide the best quality and might be blurry or muddy.


Now, you know the reason why Switch looks bad on 4K TV.

For a solution, you should just try a TV Upscaler that you will buy from a trusted brand or seller.

Furthermore, there are many rumors that say that there will be a new Switch called Nintendo Switch Pro that will support 4K.

All these rumors are false as Nintendo itself cleared everything that they are not planning anything like at the moment.

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