Why Does The Red Color Bounce On My TV?

Why Does The Red Color Bounce On My TV? – [Quick Answer!]

Don’t blame your TV for the red color that keeps bouncing on your TV! Because this is now a quite famous issue that is happening in almost every TV, no matter how expensive it is or which brand you use.

If not this, then why does the red color bounce on my tv?

Well, there can be many reasons as this problem has many faces, for example in some TVs only red shows on screen while on others, a red spot keeps bouncing on the TV screen.

Each problem has a different reason and solution. Moreover, in some cases, the pixels of the screen turn red.

To know about every appearance, reason, and solution or hack of the red color bounce on your tv, read this thorough article completely:

Why Does The Red Color Bounce On TV?

If your TV is quite a TV and still, it still keeps showing a red color on your TV screen, there is a great chance that it’s a manufacturing issue.

Blaming the production company or retailer is the easiest thing. Well, if blaming them works for you, do it, but without blaming, complain to them and call them for a repair or replacement.

Anyways, in most cases, it’s not a manufacturing fault, so in short, you will have to find out the root of the issue and resolve it yourself.

Red Color Bouncing On My TV

But before going towards anything, you need to determine one thing there are two types of red color problems:

  • Permanent
  • Temporary

Now, determine whether yours is permanent or temporary.

If your TV keeps showing a red color on the TV screen that never goes away, the problem is permanent. It suggests that your TV’s particular part is dead (in terms of color).

It means that you can’t fix the issue with any hack or DIY solution. So, you have to contact the company and get a replacement if you are lucky and your TV is still in the warranty period.

On the other hand, if the red color bounces on your TV screen and then goes away but comes back again, then your red color problem lies in a temporary phase.

It implies that the problem is due to a slight concern that can be resolved by any common person. And the good news is that the red color on the TV screen is mostly a temporary and solvable problem.

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Two Main Types of Red Color Bouncing On My TV And Their Reasons:

There are more than 2 million dots on an ordinary LED or smart TV that make up a picture. These dots are also known as pixels and are of just red, green, and blue colors.

These three colors combine and make different colors to give you the best experience. But in some cases, they stop working properly due to some distortion or power supply issue, and some of those dots turn to only red color.

As mentioned above, the red color bounces on your TV in many different ways. Moreover, every style of red describes a different story.

Red Color Bounce On My TV

So, let’s read their story and the reasons behind them:

Red Dots:

This is one of the most common issues of this kind. In it, you might see red dots flicking on your screen in different spots from time to time which ruins the whole delight of watching a favorite show.

This concern has been reported since 2002 and happens mostly in LCDs due to the liquid crystal that is used to provide you with a display.

You might notice that red dots bounce on your TV screen mostly while using programs or software with full-color display and gradation like high graphic video games.

The reason for these dots is now obvious as it is the use of a high graphic program that can’t be handled by that specific TV.

Now, there is one more thing. You might notice that there is a bunch of red dots that bounce on your screen in the same area of your TV screen.

It indicates that your screen panel is probably damaged and needs to be replaced. Here, you might also think of going for a hack, but it will not be a good idea.

Because the problem will reappear in some time.

Half Red Screen:

This problem means that your TV’s half screen is completely fine while the other half seems to be redder than it should be.

It can happen vertically or horizontally, which means that in this problem up, down, right, and left (all) sides can be involved but not at the same time.

This is a severe issue as this can be due to damage to your TV screen’s panel.

Half red screen

If the right or upper side of the TV is showing the red color problem, it means that you are safe. Otherwise (in the case of left or bottom), your screen’s panel is in danger.

After the panel, there are only three things that can be reason of this issue:

  • LVDS
  • Main Board (rarely)
  • T-con Board
  • FPC cable

Solutions to The Red Color Bounce On My TV:

The most awaited moment is here. So, let’s discuss every possible solution to this problem starting with common hacks:

Must-do Hacks:

For every problem, there are always some hacks that you should always first try before trying real (and expensive) solutions.

And for this issue, the first hack is resetting the TV. It can solve your issue as it has done it before for many people.

Moreover, you can also try changing the HDMI cable of your TV if resetting doesn’t work for you.

For Red Dots:

There are many things you can try. Even in severe cases, you might need to call a professional.

But, before opting for a technician, you should first try the best and easiest solution for those red pixels or dots:

Red Light On My TV

  • Memorize those points where red dots appear (usually).
  • Take a wet and soft cloth. (don’t compromise on cloth)
  • After turning your TV off, gently press on every point where red dots appear.
  • Turn on your TV while applying pressure on those points with your fingers.
  • Stop applying pressure and see if it works.

For Half Red Screen:

In the case of both red dots and half-red screen, if the problem is related to the panel, you should never compromise and buy a new panel.

Now, in the other case, not everything needs to be fixed here, as just the LVDS cable connector is the cause because it is not connected tightly enough to the main board.

So, simply unplug and replug the LVDS cable connector to the main board while pushing it with some power.

If your problem is solved, it’s great. But if it doesn’t work for you, you need to call a technician.

Bottom Line:

So, you know why the red color bounces on your TV. Right?

Moreover, you also know how to solve this common issue of the 21st century.

Still, have any queries?

Ask us anytime!

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