Why Does The Volume On My TV Fluctuate?

Why Does The Volume On My TV Fluctuate? – [Complete Guide]

If your TV volume fluctuates constantly and you want to settle it. Here is the reason;

Your TV volume fluctuates due to multiple factors: it may have a software issue, stuck remote buttons, and audio setting issues.

Still, if you will not find any solution for volume fluctuation after applying all the above steps then you have to call a technician.

Let’s read out the guide to know the root cause of TV volume fluctuations.

Why Does My TV Volume Fluctuate?

Many issues cause volume fluctuation. To know the root cause of volume fluctuation read the below reasons;

  • Maybe your smart TV’s control switch is not working.
  • Your remote control has an issue.
  • Moreover, your TV software has some issues.
  • Maybe there is an audio setting issue.

One thing to consider is that every TV brand has different settings. So you should always consider the manufacturer’s manual to change the settings of your TV.

Volume On My TV Fluctuate

Solutions To Solve TV Volume Fluctuation:

When your TV volume starts fluctuating; it’s annoying. You should try to solve this issue immediately. The first thing you will consider is whether to call a technician.

There is nothing to worry about; let’s read out different solutions to resolve this annoying issue.

Remote Problems:

The major cause of volume fluctuation is the problem with the TV remote. The best way to encounter this issue is to completely shut off the TV remote.

Then you have to take out the remote battery. After that, turn on your smart TV manually. If you notice that the problem is gone then your remote is faulty.


The simple solution is you have to buy a new remote. It is advised to get a Universal TV remote that goes well with all types of TVs.

Software Problems:

The other reason for TV volume fluctuation is software problems. Many TVs come with built-in software that is designed to optimize and regulate TV performance.

If there is no issue with your remote then there is a chance that the problem is within the TV software.


If you want to fix this issue you have to go to user settings on the TV screen. Here you will find a factory reset or software reset option. When you do a complete factory reset then the volume fluctuation issues will be gone.

IR Sensor Problems:

If you apply the above-mentioned steps and nothing works out then you have to open the back panel. You should always be cautious when you are working inside your smart TV.

IR Sensor Problem on tv

Because various electronic components store charges, there is a risk that you will get shocked.


To check the IR sensor, first turn off your Smart TV. Then you have to unplug it and take your TV down from the TV stand. With this, you have to take off the TV’s back panel.

You will see an IR sensor in the TV’s bottom part. Then you have to check the wire that connects the IR sensor to the main motherboard. If this wire is damaged you can simply replace this wire with the new one to fix this issue. If you are confused you can also call a technician.

Clean Your TV Remote:

Your TV remote is one of the most used pieces of equipment in your home. Every individual in your home contacts the remote so it will get dirty over time. The dirt accumulated on the TV and led to malfunction.


You should disassemble your TV remote to clean out the dirt.

Stuck TV Remote Button:

One of the reasons that your TV’s volume fluctuates is the stuck TV remote button. If your TV remote button is stuck it causes automatic actions on your Smart TV.


You have to follow the below steps to unstick the remote control buttons.

  • Remove all the batteries and disassemble the remote control. Then you have to locate the remote control screw inside the battery cover. Nowadays some of the latest remotes lack this screw.
  • Then you have to clean your remote circuit board. Additionally, you can choose a liquid cleaner to clean the remote button.
  • You can also use a gentle toothbrush to lightly brush the remote button.
  • In the next step, clean the remote front cover.
  • Now you have to see whether your remote is working.
  • In the end, assemble the remote.

Why Is My TV Volume Still Going Up And Down?

If there are still volume fluctuation issues after applying all the above-mentioned steps then the reason will be; if your TV has multiple running apps that occupy a lot of memory then this will be the issue.

TV Volume

Because when there is a low memory issue in your Android device it will close the least used apps like your music application.


Hope you learned all the possible ways of fixing your TV volume fluctuation!

If your TV still suffers from this issue, then call a technician to solve your problem.

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