Why Does Watching TV Make Me Sleepy?

Why Does Watching TV Make Me Sleepy? – [Complete Details]

We all love watching out favorite TV show or series while sitting or lying down on the sofa or couch. But watching TV always makes us sleep. Right?

In this situation, only one question comes to our mind, “Why does watching tv make me sleepy?”

This question can’t be answered in one line, but mainly watching TV makes you sleepy because it takes a lot from your eyes.

To get a complete answer to this question and more useful information about the topic, read this useful article till the end.

So, let’s get started with the explanation:

Why Does TV Make Me Sleepy While Watching?

Sleeping while watching TV is always good until we realize that it ruins the sleep cycle that helps us end up with a hectic and unwanted day at the office (the very next day).

Watching TV Make Me Sleepy

A sleep of approximately 8 hours is all we need to be fresh and start a new day with complete energy. Whether we sleep at night, in the afternoon, or even while watching TV, it doesn’t matter.

But still, it may cause some obvious problems. That’s why to eradicate this serious problem, you first need to understand why this happens:

Four Main Reasons Why Watching TV Make You Sleepy:

Although many reasons can make you fall asleep while watching TV because it’s a thing that varies from person to person, we still have your back.

We have compiled four main (potential) reasons that are making you fall asleep while watching TV:

watching tv while sleeping


In a regular TV show or movie, there are so many pictures and colors moving extremely quickly. This whole scenario (normally) asks our eyes to do extra to keep watching it.

We usually watch TV at night with all the lights off. The only light you are watching at that time is coming out of the TV.

In most cases, the TV coming out of the TV is brighter than usual lights. It makes things even more difficult for our eyes to handle.

Furthermore, we mostly watch TV after a long day at the office or work to reduce stress and relax. Right?

It means that we are already quite tired. And when we watch TV, our eyes have to do more work. That’s why instead of relaxing, our eyes get more tired.

Now, these tired eyes make us feel sleepy, and we fall asleep easily while watching TV.

It’s a Habit:

As mentioned earlier we mostly watch TV after spending a long day at the office, so after a few days or weeks, it becomes our habit.

It means that we will not fall asleep without turning the TV on at night. When you watch TV after coming home from work or school every day (or at least four days a week), your mind associates sleeping with watching TV.

It indicates that when we start watching TV, our brain starts relaxing our body muscles and making it easy for us to fall asleep.


It’s a very common belief that watching TV makes us relax, and it’s true. Because our brain thinks what we make it think. (this behavior of the brain is also mentioned in the last point)

When you say to yourself at night, “Let’s watch some TV to get relaxed”, your brain actually thinks the same and starts relaxing your muscles. That’s how things work.

The noise of TV:

Noise can affect our bodies badly when in bulk (as noise pollution). Right?

But when it comes to TV, the case is the opposite.

Here, the noises coming out of TV distract you from your daily life tensions. A common man’s conscious always gets tangled between (financial or personal) different life problems.

This stress makes it difficult for you to focus on sleep and eventually fall asleep. And the noises of TV distract you from your conscious mind.

After that, the unconscious mind comes into play. Now as the unconscious mind is more into work, so it will do it;’s work properly (which is sleeping).

So, that’s how you sleep real quick while watching TV.

Is It Bad to Fall Asleep While Watching TV?


fall asleep while watching tv

Yes, it’s quite bad for you to sleep while watching TV.

We already know that it might destroy your sleeping circle. But more than that, falling asleep while watching is not good for your health.

Two things make sleeping while watching TV bad for your mental and physical health:

  • Blue rays
  • Sudden noises

First things first, a blue ray is a kind of radiation that comes out of every screen like a smartphone or laptop (Not just a TV screen).

These blue rays are not that bad for your eyes. But when you binge-watch TV for a good long time in the dark, it will affect badly to your eyes.

Now, TV shows and movies always have sudden noises in different manners, like jumpscares in horror shows and audience claps or laughs in night TV shows.

When you have already fallen asleep while the TV is on, these noises will keep disturbing your conscious and subconscious mind.

If you suffer from broken sleep, these distracting noises will wake you up many times at night. To know more about this topic, click here (Should I Watch TV If I Can’t Sleep?).

How Not to Fall Asleep While Watching TV?

For this, you have to say goodbye to your favorite show and stop watching TV before bed. This is the only proper way to do it.

Otherwise, you can also watch TV while sitting in an uncomfortable place to avoid falling asleep while watching it. But for this, you have to decrease your sleep because you have to wake up early in the morning for the office or school.

watching tv


The conclusion is that we now have a proper answer to this question: “Why does watching TV make me sleepy?”

Furthermore, you also have many other essential pieces of information that you needed but never noticed.

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