Why Doesn't Apple Make TVs?

Why Doesn’t Apple Make TVs? – [Complete Visual Information]

Apple is a leading smartphone brand that always comes with innovative devices like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and many more. But there is a question: why doesn’t Apple produce smart TVs as well?

Apple has not entered the TV marketplace yet, and there are many reasons for it. Apple sells its products with a considerable margin which would make it an expensive TV brand.

Additionally, many other reputed TV brands in the market are producing high-end TVs that don’t need huge innovation. So Apple thinks selling a costly TV with the same features and high price as compared to its competitors would not be a good idea.

Let’s discuss some more reasons why Apple is not interested in selling smart TVs.

What Are The Reasons Behind Apple Not Making Their Smart TVs?

Apple is one of the largest smartphone-selling companies. There are multiple reasons behind Apple not making TVs. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Reasons Behind Apple Not Making Their Smart TVs

Nothing To Innovate In The Sector:

If you want to enter the TV marketplace, then you have to bring innovative ideas that will add something new to the existing TV models.


Apple will only enter the TV marketplace when it can innovate something new in this sector like its tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, or wireless earbuds.

The reason why Apple hasn’t launched its TVs yet is that there is nothing innovative to add to the TV that makes it different from its competitors. As Apple can make an 8K HDR OLED TV, LG, and Sony are already making it.

Low Prices:

Some high-end TVs in the market are too expensive. On the other hand, some 4K OLED TVs come under $400 to $800. These relatively low prices lead to low margins because many other brands are also competing with each other.


Apple is not producing its smart TV because Apple is not a low-margin brand. Apple makes its products with 30%+ margins. This ratio works for smartphones because Apple does many innovations there.

So no one wants to invest in a high-end brand like Apple when consumers get the same quality from LG or Sony.

Exceptional Long Ownership Cycle:

Majority of people keep their smart TVs for 5 years. However many keep them for 8 years. In simple words, people tend to change their cars more often compared to their TV sets.

Smart TVs with long lifespans are pretty good for consumers but at the same time, it is a bad thing for TV companies.

smart tv


Those companies that want to get into the TV market have to consider that their customer will return after a few years to upgrade their TV.

However, if your smart TV is good enough that it attracts all the consumers over your competitors then there will be no problem. Apple does not want to make its smart TVs because of long ownership cycles.

Exceptionally Crowded Marketplace:

You will notice around five major smartphone manufacturers; the rest are smaller companies. On the other hand, the TV market is exceptionally crowded and has loads of companies that have been selling high-quality smart TVs for decades with trusted and reliable brand names.


Apple is not producing their smart TVs because there are already many companies in the market that are producing budgeted-TV to ultra-high 8K TVs.

Additionally, you can get these smart TVs in every size. As we know, Apple wouldn’t be interested in producing low-end TV and the high-end TV market already has plenty of good names. So Apple wouldn’t be interested in producing its smart TV in this situation.

Does Not Make Screens:

If Apple starts making OLED displays then it would have to get the panels from somebody else like LG or Samsung. Because Apple doesn’t make screens.

Set-Top Boxes Are Cheap:

It is obvious that if Apple started producing smart TVs, then they would not be cheaper. Apple never produces cheap products. If you visit the TV marketplace, you will get an LG 65-inch, 4K OLED TV for $3,000 or more. In addition, you can find different TV prices depending on the features it offers.


If Apple starts producing TVs then it would come with the “Apple Tax”, which will be 50 percent more than LG or Samsung TVs. In comparison, if you buy a cheap set-top-box then you can replace it easily when its hardware or software becomes outdated.

How To Get An Apple TV Application On Your Devices?

Let’s discuss it in detail.

iPad/ iPhone:

You can download the iOS latest version on your desired devices. When the installation is complete then you have to search for the TV app on your iPad or iPhone. Mostly it is present on the home screen of your device.


Apple TV app is also available for the Mac along with macOS Catalina. You just have to update your computer and you will get the Apple TV app.

Apple TV:

Apple TV app is available for the new or 4th Gen Apple TVs.

Roku devices:

Roku also supports the Apple TV app. However, you have to update its software regularly.

Amazon Fire TV devices:

Amazon also supports the Apple TV app on its latest Fire TV devices. Furthermore, regularly updating the software will give access to the Apple TV app.

Additionally, you can watch Apple TV apps on Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, or Google TV.


Apple is not selling its smart TV because the TV marketplace is already overcrowded with reputed brands that are producing high-end to low-end TVs.

As Apple always sells its products with a considerable margin it would not be a great option for the Apple brand to start its smart TV line.

Hope, you will get useful information from this helpful guide.

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