Why Is Device Care Not Available On Samsung TV?

Why Is Device Care Not Available On Samsung TV? – [Explained]

So, you just got to know about Device Care that it’s a useful thing for Samsung TV, but it isn’t available on your Samsung TV. Right?

In this case, you must be asking yourself questions like:

“Why is device care not available on Samsung TV?”

Is My TV model the reason behind this?

So, the answer is ‘No.’ Your TV isn’t the reason, but it can be because of many reasons, and the most common one is that your Samsung TV is not optimized for Device Care.

Now, what!?

Read this helpful article entirely to learn not just know about the reason behind the no availability of Device Care on your TV but also the way to use it on your Samsung TV.

Introduction to Device Care on Samsung TV:

In simplest words, Device Care is software that takes care of your Samsung devices (not just TV).

Device Care on Samsung TV

But how?

Before this amazing thing, whenever apps or features used to stop working on someone’s Samsung TV, everyone had to reset the TV or reinstall that specific app or feature.

Updating, installing, and resetting takes a lot of time. That’s why the developers of Samsung developed this amazing feature.

Now, what will Device Care do on Samsung TV?

Device Care does all those updates and stuff on your Samsung TV, which you had to do in the past. When you enter this amazing software, Device Care will immediately start performing some tests to diagnose if there is any problem.

And when any problem appears, it will automatically fix that without even bothering you. Device Care indeed has now become an important part of every Samsung TV.

Why is Device Care Not Available on Samsung TV?

After knowing the benefits of having Device Care active on your Samsung TV, your curiosity must be touching the sky. Right?

So, let’s dig into the topic and understand why Device Care is not available on your Samsung TV:

samsung tv

The primary reason for this problem is that you haven’t enabled this amazing thing on your Samsung TV.

But how to access and enable Device Care on Samsung TV?

For this, you simply have to go to the quick setting menu, where you will find the “Support” option. After clicking support, you will be directed to a new tab where you can get the Device Care option. Self-Diagnosis and other options are a part of Device Care.

How to Use Device Care on Samsung TV?

We have already told you a quite convenient way to get access to Device Care on Samsung TV. But still (depending on the model of your TV), you might not be able to use Device Care.

We have a shortcut to open Device Care. Simply press and hold the power button on your TV remote and wait for a few seconds (20 seconds, ideally).

But with this shortcut, you might not get access to additional options and features of Device Care. So for that, you have to go to the TV’s settings.

Moreover, there is also an option called “Support Center.” Here, you will get to know if your device has any problems or not.

So, after getting access to Device Care, let Device Care do its work as it has built-in tools that can diagnose the problem and fix it without any problem.

Furthermore, don’t panic if your TV starts doing different stuff, like turning it on or off, because it’s Device Care that does it sometimes.

How to Fix Device Care Not Available on Samsung TV?

Now, this is funny that to not do resetting, you have to do the resetting. Didn’t get it?

You know that Device Care will help you and do stuff like resetting and updating itself. Right?

But if your Samsung TV doesn’t have Device Care, you have to reset the TV. Isn’t it amusing?

Anyways, resetting can be done simply by first inserting your security PIN into the TV’s security system. After resetting, your Samsung TV will ask you factory reset.

Do it without hesitating because, most of the time, this resolves the problem. But if it doesn’t, you can try updating the firmware (motherboard, BIOS, and stuff) manually.

  • Note: A factory reset will make your every single data vanish. So, please save your data somewhere else before factory resetting the system.

Moreover, even after trying all this stuff, many people still face a quite common problem in which options like Self-Diagnosis are grayed out in ‘Support.’

Why is Device Care Grayed Out on Samsung TV?

This is another stage of that same issue (unavailability of Device Care on Samsung TV). This issue should also be resolved with the same fixes we shared earlier.

But if after using every solution, you still can’t access Device Care, and it’s gray.

In that case, this might be because your system’s software is not updated. For that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘system’ option, which you will find in the main menu of your TV.
  2. Click on the ‘update software’ option.
  3. Now, the software will be updated, and your problem must be fixed.
  4. Make sure to restart your TV are software update to get the result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Download Device Care on My Samsung TV?

Yes, as Device Care is a Samsung app so you can download it from the Google Play store. But in most cases, you will never need to do it because it’s already installed on your Samsung TV. Samsung has added Device Care in the Google Play store for Samsung mobile phone users.

Is Device Care a Spy App?

No! This is probably the most asked question about the Device Care app. Numerous people on forums like Reddit and Quora talk about it and claim that it is a spy app. But there is no evidence of that. So, we should believe Samsung and not pay much attention to rumors. Still, if you don’t want to use this app, just simply don’t use it.


In the end, you are pretty much ready to enjoy the features of the Device Care app as you do not just know why Device Care is not available on Samsung TV, but you also know how to use it.

Have more questions?

Ask us freely, as we are always here to assist you!

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