Why Is My Hisense TV Lagging?

Why Is My Hisense TV Lagging? – [Details & Solution]

When your TV runs slowly, it is annoying. So, you want to solve this issue immediately. That’s why many people ask why my Hisense TV faces a lagging problem.

There are multiple reasons behind the lagging of Hisense TV like slow internet connection, unwanted applications, software-related problems, or weak signals from the router.

When you resolve lagging issues, your Hisense TV will start running faster.

Let’s read out more to know about the actual reasons behind lagging problems and how you can solve them in a better way.

Reasons Behind Lagging Of Hisense TV:

When your Hisense TV is lagging, try to find out its cause immediately. Below are some reasons why your Hisense TV is lagging.

Lagging In Hisense TV

Check the internet connection:

Checking the internet connection is the first thing that you have to consider.

To resolve the lagging issue your internet connection should be reliable that can support TV content and videos. If you have a slow internet connection, then the TV will run slowly.

Remove the unnecessary applications:

You should wisely download multiple applications in your Hisense TV, because some of them may occupy enough space on your TV. So, you have to be careful in selecting and downloading the applications.

Each downloaded application uses RAM that is needed for the faster functioning of the TV. So, lagging occurs if your Hisense TV lacks enough memory.

Check the router:

Another reason for the lagging in Hisense TV is the weak signals produced by the router. When your router’s setting is wrong, it can also result in lagging.

Software-related issues:

If your Hisense TV software is not updated regularly then it will also cause lagging issues. Not updating your Hisense TV software will slow down your TV. In this way, you will face inconvenience while using your TV.

How To Resolve The Lagging Issue In Hisense TV?

If your Hisense TV faces lagging issues then you don’t need to worry about it. You will solve this lagging issue by following the below-mentioned steps. Let’s discuss them.

  • You can turn On the Game mode to reduce the input lag.
  • Turn off the active reduction features and also disable the motion modes of your Hisense TV.
  • Then, you have to change the settings for power saving mode or dim screen.

Solving the lagging issue is a time-consuming process but you have to fix it. Below are the steps that are very helpful in resolving the lagging issue.

Check Internet Speed:

Your slow internet connection may lead to lagging issues in your Hisense TV. So if you continuously face lagging issues then you have to visit customer services for boosting up the internet connection speed.

Place Router Close To Hisense TV:

Rather than wireless connections, you can also connect your TV through a wired connection. It is advisable to use a fast and wired internet connection as compared to a wireless connection.

However, if you use wireless internet devices, then make sure there are not too many devices connected to them.

Hisense TV screen

Uninstall Unwanted Applications:

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps and still these steps won’t work out then you have to try this method. You have to delete all the unnecessary applications from your Hisense TV.

You should delete all those applications that you’re not using for a long time. Deleting them will free up a lot of space in your Hisense TV. You have to go to the “Storage” area of your Hisense TV settings and delete all the unwanted files that make your TV slow.

Remove The Irrelevant Data:

There is a lot of unnecessary content that may be downloaded from the internet. So it takes up enough space in your Hisense TV. Resultantly, it makes your TV run slowly and causes lagging issues.

If you see a lagging issue after you turn ON the Hisense TV, then you have to go to “Settings” and delete all the unnecessary or unidentified connections.

If you disable the mobile network access disabler from “Settings” then your Hisense TV will operate quickly.

Reset Your TV:

If nothing solves the lagging issue, resetting your TV is the last step that you should follow.

To resolve this lagging issue, you can turn Off the TV. After a few minutes again turn it On with the help of a remote control. Go to the factory settings and reset your Hisense TV. In this way, your TV’s settings will be restored.

Clear Cache:

Deleting all the cache files will help reduce the lagging issue. By deleting the cache files, the stored data and accumulated data will be cleared. In this way, your Hisense TV will become faster.

Resolving The Audio Lag Issue In Hisense TV:

Hisense TV

A Hisense TV may face audio lag issues. You can solve this issue by doing sound and audio settings. You can easily change these settings by following the below steps:

To fix the audio lag issue on your Hisense TV, you should go to the “Sound Delay Option”.

To change this setting head towards “Setting”, then choose Picture and Sound. After this, choose the “Sound Adjustment” option. You have to deactivate Digital to return the sound to a normal level.


Lagging in Hisense TV may occur due to several reasons. You can resolve this issue by following the above-mentioned steps.

By following these steps, you will determine the root cause of lagging and find ways of solving it. If nothing works out for you, then you should contact a professional to solve the lagging problem.

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