Why Is My Roku TV Volume So Low?

Why Is My Roku TV Volume So Low? – [Things You Should Know]

Do you feel that your Roku TV volume is lower than ever before? If so, the first question that should pop up in your mind is, “Why is my Roku TV volume so low?”

The low volume problem on roku tv can be due to anything from minor issues like a loose HDMI connection to big problems like the malfunctioning of your TV.

You must read this article thoroughly To get a comprehensive answer to the question and solution to Roku TV’s low volume issue. So, let’s get started:

Why Volume very low on TCL Roku TV?

Roku is one of the most reliable TV brands in the world. It’s because they usually come up with more modes and options, including volume modes.

However, in many cases, people tangle themselves in volume problems. One of which is constant low volume.


But as you already know, there is no certain issue that can be the reason for your Roku TV’s low volume. Nevertheless, in most cases, the issue gets resolved by simply restarting your TV or something like that.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about it, as we are here to assist you in resolving low-volume problems. However, some new Roku TVs are coming with remote compatibility issues that make it difficult to adjust the volume. This is also one of the main reasons for the constant low volume in a Roku TV.

Anyways, just like issues, the solution to low volume is also not certain. But don’t sweat it hard, as we have every possible solution for you.

Roku TV Volume So Low – Possible Solution:

As you know, this issue can be due to any slightest to big problem, so we have compiled every solution including some hacks that can help you get away with it:

Note: Before going towards any technical solution, we want you to try every slightest thing first that can help cope with this issue. Because why going for hard when you can do smart work.

roku tv volume low problem

Look Over Mute Option:

This might seem hilarious but it is probably the easiest and most common solution for this problem. Not intentionally, but sometimes the mute option turns on our TV without our knowledge.

This happens a lot with those who answer calls on TV because usually, the TV automatically turns the volume off on any other program when someone calls you.

So, check the mute button before going to advanced settings.

Is Your Roku’s TV Remote Working Properly?

This is not just a regular question but it’s pretty much related to this issue. Just like the mute button issue, this one is also an easy but ignored solution.

So, grab your remote and try turning the volume on. If the volume button is working and the volume is still low after being full (100%), then you need a different solution.

roku tv remote

But If it’s not working you might be facing two problems:

  • Connectivity issue
  • Volume button is not working

Repair The Roku Remote On Your Own:

If your issue is with volume, you need to buy a new remote, but the connection issue can be resolved. For this, just follow these simple steps and enjoy watching TV as ever before:

Note: This solution will work only if your Roku TV remote is repairable or the issue is with the remote.

  1. Remove batteries after opening the cover of the Roku remote.
  2. Make sure the power cable is unplugged from the Roku receiver.
  3. Now, let it rest for at least 2 minutes.
  4. Plug the power cable back into the Roku receiver.
  5. Put the batteries back in your original Roku TV Enhanced Remote.
  6. To make remotes pair with the TV, press and hold its pairing button for a few seconds.
  7. When you see a light, it means the remote is ready for pairing.
  8. Now, move to the TV for the pairing process.
  9. Once pairing is done, check if all buttons on your Roku TV remote are working.

Restart the TV:

Normally, restarting a device is our most reliable and first solution to any problem. You must have also used this solution at least once in your life for any device.

You might not know but restarting a device to resolve any issue is not just a myth but it’s a proper remedy or hack.

Restarting TV usually resets different options to default and in this case, that option might be the volume. If you don’t know how to do it, follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off the TV using the remote
  • Unplug its main cable as well
  • Let the TV rest for a good five minutes
  • Re-plug the wire and turn on the TV
  • That’s it! Your volume should work now

If it doesn’t work, keep reading for the best result in your case.

Try Automatic Volume Leveling:

Roku TVs come up with many volume modes that help you enhance your experience while watching TV. But they can become a problem. Some of the famous modes are:

  • Dialog Enhancer.
  • Night Mode.
  • Dolby AC-4 Dialog Enhancement.
  • Speech Clarity.
  • Automatic Volume Leveling.

They usually assess every aspect of the volume of a particular channel, app, movie, or TV show and adjust themselves according to that.

But if you jump from one app, show, or movie to another every time, they might end up working well for only one app or show.

To resolve this issue, you need to turn on another volume option  of Roku TV, “Automatic Volume Leveling.” This will adjust the level automatically depending on apps, shows, and movies.

roku tv


Now you do not just know “Why is my Roku TV volume so low?” but you also know many solutions to this problem. Right?

But if you are still facing the same problem, you can try these:

  • Change the remote (if you think the problem is with the remote)
  • Change the speakers of your TV.

(If you have a built-in speaker on your TV, you must call a technician to do his job. Otherwise, you can take your speakers to a repair shop or your workbench)

If you are still unable to drive away from the problem, call customer care of Roku or any other technician.

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