Why Is My TV Crooked On Wall Mount?

Why Is My TV Crooked On Wall Mount? – [Mistakes & Solutions]

Do you feel that your wall-mounted TV is crooked? If so, don’t sweat hard, as it’s quite a common issue, but why is your TV crooked on the wall mount?

A crooked TV on a wall mount can be because of your mistake. But in some cases, it’s some sort of illusion or thought that makes us feel as if our TV is crooked or tilted.

Nevertheless, you should never leave your TV as it is just because it can be an illusion.

So, what to do now?

Read the article thoroughly to not just know the reason behind this issue but also every possible solution:

Potential Mistakes that make You End Up with a Crooked TV on Wall Mount:

We know you want the solution, but the first step toward the solution is to understand the exact problem and its cause.

Crooked TV On Wall Mount

In other words, the fix completely depends on the cause of the problem. For example, the TV is crooked because you missed one bolt or screw. In this case, you can fix things up by simply putting that bolt or screw in its place.

So, the bottom line is that you never know (exactly) what’s going on.

That’s why we are here with some common reasons why your TV might have a crooked wall mount.

Choose the reason that suits your TV so that you can fix the issue correctly:

The base is Installed Crooked:

This is one of the worst mistakes you can make while mounting a TV. But many people (who aren’t experts in DIY) do it every day.

If you are one of them, don’t worry that much. But if you haven’t done it yourself, call that professional guy who did it for you and describe the issue.

This way, you will not need to do anything yourself.

Note: This problem appears in a few minutes or an hour after installing the TV on the wall mount. So, if your TV is crooked after some days, your problem is not with the base.

Hardware is Loose:

If you don’t have enough knowledge about hardware tools and installing a TV, this is a common thing for you.

Still, you don’t need to worry because there is a possibility that damage is still not being done.

So, immediately check each and every spot on the wall mount. You need to pay some extra attention to it because there are many tiny hardware tools like small bolts that a normal person can easily miss.

Wrong Location:

A normal person always chooses the location (for TV) that seems good to him. But a pro always goes for the location that is perfect for the mount.

wall mounted tv

There is a great possibility that you didn’t think about the mount.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Always choose a wall that can bear the weight of the TV.
  • Make sure the wires of the TV are not stretched because they can force the TV to be crooked.

No Stud for Drywall:

Drywalls aren’t normally strong enough to handle a large TV. That’s where studs come into play.

Many amateurs think that anchors will do the job nicely, but it’s completely wrong. Even if you use the world’s most powerful or biggest wall anchor, you might end up with a crooked TV.

Wall Mount is Deficient:

We have already mentioned that the wall should be strong enough to bare the weight of a TV. The same goes for wall mounts.

Not every mount is strong enough to handle your TV without risking it. So, you can do one thing.

While buying the wall mount, tell the salesman about the size of your TV and ask him to give you a mount that can handle your TV’s weight.

We are sure the salesman will always be ready to help you out.

Inaccurate Leveling:

The most important and (in fact) first step towards mounting a TV on the wall is taking measures accurately.

While doing that, people make two kinds of mistakes. The first one is gauging the size of the TV and stuff completely wrong.

But the second one is incorrect marking. Unlike the first one, this mistake is quite common. This is a game of centimeters, and you can make even make a slight mistake here.

How to Fix Your Crooked TV on the Wall Mount?

Yes, the moment which you were waiting for is here.

But before going towards the main solutions to this issue, you must know that some solutions are already described in the previous heading.

Here they are:

  • If you are thinking of mounting your TV on drywall, always opt for a strong stud because wall anchors aren’t going to work here.
  • After checking the hardware stuff, tighten every (small to big) bolt and screw.
  • Choose the right wall mount that can handle the weight of your TV. You can do it simply by following the tip that we have described earlier.
  • Make sure everything is level. If anything is not level, unscrew everything and do the process again.

Now, after the already-written solution, let’s move towards the main fixes:

Learn about Hardware and Tools:

If you have zero knowledge about hardware and stuff, the best thing you can do is hire a professional to do his job.

But as you want to save some bucks and do it yourself, you better learn everything about hardware and tools first, as it will make your work super easy.

Buy Mount with Built-in Levels:

Leveling is one of the worst steps of mounting the TV on the wall when you don’t have enough knowledge and experience in DIY.

For that, you can opt for a mount that has built-in levels, as it will make things ever so easy that you can’t even imagine.


Why spend money on this mount when you want to save money?

If you are asking, “If I had money, I would have called a professional,” you are not alone.

The first thing is that this mount is quite cheaper than a professional technician. Moreover, it’s best for those who love DIY but it’s their first time.


So, the conclusion is that you now know why your TV is crooked on the wall mount.

If you have any questions even after getting every possible solution to this problem, ask us anytime!

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