Why Is My TV Dark On One Side?

Why Is My TV Dark On One Side? – [Complete Detailed Guide]

Do you notice half of your TV screen is dark? Don’t worry – let’s find a solution:

Your TV is dark on one side because the LED strips of your TV need to be replaced. The other reason your TV is connected to many devices that affect its picture quality. To resolve this issue, change the LED strip and disconnect all unnecessary devices from your TV.

Apart from these, there are multiple reasons associated with the one-sided darkness of TV. We will cover all the aspects that why your TV goes dark on one side. To learn more read out this article.

Why Is My TV Dark On One Side?

If you are worried that your TV is dark on one side, there are multiple reasons for that.

If your TV is dark on one side you have to check the connection of your TV or cable box. If your cable box has dirt it can cause some problems. You have to clean those spots thoroughly. Or you can also replace the cable to resolve this issue.

If nothing works out you have to change or replace the HDMI cable. Sometimes the TV is dark on one side due to faulty HDMI cables.

TV Dark On One Side

The other possible reason is that the TV screen just stopped receiving signals from the device. In this case, you can restart your TV. If this step also won’t work out, you should unplug all the connected devices from your smart TV. Then you should inspect the diagnostic tool. If you find nothing, the issue may be associated with power saving mode.

These faulty cables may cause darkness on one side of the TV, the bottom or top half darkness, a strip on the left or right side, or a dark shadow on the right, left, or bottom side of the TV screen.

Can I Fix My TV That Is Dark On One Side?

Yes, you can fix the one-sided darkness of TV. Below steps will help you out in fixing this issue.

If half of your TV screen is darker than the other side, go to the OSD menu. This problem may be due to the T-con board or FPC cable. If there is nothing with the OSD menu then inspect the LVDS cable and main board. Sometimes FPC cable contact pins are not clean. When you clean the screen, all problems will be resolved.

Ways To Fix The Darker Side Of A Smart TV:

There are multiple ways to fix a darker side of a smart TV. Follow the steps mentioned below:


Change LED Strip:

This is one of the most common ways to fix the dark side of a TV. These LED strips fail after some time so you have to replace them. When these LED strips stop working a dark shadow may appear on the TV screen.

These LED strips are not very costly. For buying a perfect LED strip for your smart TV you should go for a professional.

Take A Picture Test:

Some TVs have self-diagnosing features. These features can report any issue taking place inside your TV. This tool is also called the Picture Test. This test is taken to immediately determine the reason for the problem.

Picture tests can be done for any faults like white spots on the screen. You can follow the below steps to carry out a picture test of your smart TV.

  • Go to the Home screen.
  • Tap “Support”.
  • Go for “Self-Diagnosis”.
  • Then select the “Picture Test”.
  • After this follow all the on-screen instructions.

Change The Backlight:

A TV may be dark on one side because its backlight needs to be changed. There may be a fault in the backlight of your TV that causes darkness on the screen.

You should contact a professional to change the backlight of the TV as it requires some special tools.

Check Between The Screen And Backlight:

The TV screen may turn dark on one side if there is anything between the screen and the backlight. This can be dirt or a bug that gets stuck between them.

LCD backlight

To resolve this issue, you have to remove the TV screen and check if something is blocking the backlight.

Maintain Backlight Settings:

If your backlight setting is not right you may face a problem of darkness on your screen. To adjust the settings of your backlight follow the below steps:

  • Go to TV “Settings”.
  • Choose Picture Settings.
  • Then go for Expert Settings.
  • Here you can adjust different levels of colors, brightness, and white ratio.

You can change these settings to check whether dark shadow vanishes or not. 

Disconnect / Reconnect All Devices:

It happens when multiple devices are connected to your TV; it would affect the picture quality of your TV.

To find out the reasons for the darkness on the screen unplug all the devices from the TV and again plug them in. This method applies to all devices from TV to gaming consoles. As many devices you connect to a TV, it would affect the picture quality.

If your screen turns normal after this process, it shows that there may be a problem with the HDMI ports of the TV.

Check The Cables:

It is necessary to check the cables for resolving this issue. If any TV cable is damaged it may cause darkness on one side of the TV screen. You have to change this damaged cable immediately.


Fixing the dark side of your TV is not very complicated. Follow the above steps and you are done with the process .

One side darkness on the TV screen may appear due to old LED strips that need to be changed. Additionally, you have to disconnect unnecessary devices because it lowers picture quality.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue. If nothing worked out, call a professional!

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