Why Is My Philips Smart TV Remote Blinking Orange?

Why Is My Philips Smart TV Remote Blinking Orange?

Technical issues are always difficult to deal with because a common person doesn’t know how to resolve the problem.

And one of the most common technical issues with a Phillips smart TV is that its remote sometimes starts blinking orange. When it happens, the first question that comes to mind is, “Why is my Phillips smart TV remote blinking Orange?”

Normally, a Phillips smart TV remote blinks to tell the user that something is wrong with the TV.

To get a complete answer to this question, read this comprehensive article thoroughly:

Why Philips Smart TV Remote Blinking Orange?

Phillips is one of the most famous and best brands when it comes to smart TVs. And one of the biggest reasons for this popularity is their security feature.

Philips Smart TV remote blinking orange

While fixing a TV, the most frequently thought question is, “Why I didn’t know the error before?”

It’s because knowing the error is the first step towards fixing the error. And along with many other famous smart TV brands, Phillips took this thought and made it a feature.

Now, the blinking light of your TV remote means that there is something that needs to be fixed in your TV.

But there are many types of blinks you might notice with your Phillips smart TV remote, one of which is orange light blinking. What does orange light blink mean?

Every light has a different meaning, and the orange light means that your smart TV is facing some sort of problem that is related to the power supply.

Whenever it happens to you, the first thing you need to see is whether you can control your TV (using that remote) even with that orange light blinking.

This might not be a big issue if you can remote control your Phillips smart TV. Otherwise, you conceivably need to call a technician or take your TV to a repair shop.

Why Is My Phillips Smart TV Not Turning On?

While blinking (specifically orange), different Phillips TVs react differently depending on their issue. As mentioned above, if you can operate the TV even with that annoying orange blink, it means you are (most probably) out of danger.

As the orange blinking indicates that something is wrong with the power supply of your Phillips smart TV, so there can be any problem related to the power supply. Right?

So, in this case, the most common issue is ‘unresponsive TV.’ You might also be facing the same problem.

In this problem, The TV shuts down, the TV remote stops working, and the user is always unable to turn the TV back on.

smart tv

But blinking is not always the reason for this behavior of your TV. It can be due to the following:

  • Busted display
  • Malfunctioning of your TV
  • Or any other technical issue

That’s why instead of assuming the problem and solution yourself, the best solution is opting for a dependable professional.

But there is a thing that can help you determine whether your TV is not turning on due to a power supply or any other issue.

In any case, like a busted display, you will notice that the power supply is coming on nicely, but there is no display on the screen.

Usually, the presence of a power supply can be detected easily. If the main LED light of your TV is turned on, the power is flowing through; otherwise, not.

Phillips Smart Not TV Turning On Due to Power Supply – Instant Fix

If your Phillips smart TV is not turning on and the TV remote is continuously blinking orange, we’ll always recommend calling a technician. But before doing this hassle, you should try fixing it yourself to save time and effort.

Sounds good to you? Follow these simple steps to fix your Phillips smart TV that is not turning on:

Note: This is not a guaranteed solution, as it is just like a remedy or hack that can save your day (if it worked).

  • Unplug every accessory, cable, and device from your TV.(In short, unplug everything from the TV and this, including the CAM module)
  • Wait for some minutes.
  • Let the main LED light of the TV shut down.
  • After a few minutes, replug everything back.
  • If the problem isn’t severe, your TV will start working properly as ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

With your Phillips smart TV remote blinking orange, you might also have some other (related) questions popping into your mind.

That’s why we have compiled the most common ones for you:

Why Is My Philips Smart TV Remote Blinking Red?

As you already know, every color has a different meaning, so red must be different from orange. Right?

Fortunately, unlike orange blink, red blink is a good sign for your Phillips smart TV as it says that your TV remote is now working properly with the smart TV.

You will usually notice the red blink while or after fixing or you’re putting new batteries in your TV remote.

Philips Smart TV remote

Does Orange Light Blink also mean that My Phillips Smart TV Remote Defected?

An orange light blink usually means that your Phillips smart TV is facing a problem with the power supply.

If your remote is blinking, it means that it has a battery and power to illuminate an orange light. This itself ends this debate because a defective TV remote will never be able to blink.

But if your TV is not turning on, this might be an issue with your TV. So, in this case, before calling a professional, you should first change your Phillips smart TV remote’s batteries.


Now, you know, “Why is your Phillips smart TV remote blinking Orange?”

Not just this, but you also have many other vital pieces of information (related to the topic).

In the end, you don’t need to worry much about that blinking orange light because, in most cases, it blinks due to an extremely slight power supply issue with the TV.

  • Tip: When you notice a blinking orange light on your Phillips smart TV remote, instead of panicking, you should first unplug everything from the TV. Because if you don’t do this, your TV might get a bigger error.

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