Why Is There a Red Line On My TV?

Why Is There a Red Line On My TV? – [How To Fix It?]

Is an annoying red line on the TV disturbing you from watching your favorite show or movie? If so, don’t worry!

You are not alone, but why is there a red line on your TV?

Red lines on my TV due to many different reasons. Your TV might be facing any problem, from a small scratch to even corrosion or a short circuit.

You can’t be very sure about this problem, its reason, and its solution.

That’s why you must read this article thoroughly first to determine the reason and then choose the best possible solution to this frustrating problem.

Reasons for the Red Line On Your TV:

Before anything else, you need to know one important thing. The red line problem mostly occurs in LCD TVs.

If your problem is also with LCD TV, be happy because this is mostly curable (easily). But if your LED TV is having this problem, skip the upcoming part and go straight to the solutions.

Red Line On My TV

As we told you, there can be any reason for this red line on your so you first need to determine which thing is causing this problem.

For your ease, we have a bunch of things to ponder here.

Power Supply:

One of the most common problems that cause red lines on the TV screen is an ‘issue with power supply.’

The issue can be with any important power component of TV. So, the thing you need to do here is to replace the electrical component with an identical one.

We can’t name one component, but mostly problem gets resolved by changing the capacitor.


Yes, rust ruining your movie night is actually possible. This is quite a common problem in areas where humidity remains high (mostly).

Not just weather, but this erosion can also be due to some sort of short circuit. In case of a short circuit, you can replace the affected part of your TV (especially behind the screen).

But in the case of weather problems, there is no such solution. But you should always keep TV away from water and even fresh air in humid weather.

Electrical Short:

If your TV has several lines all over the screen, this might be a problem of some sort of electrical short. For this issue, you again need to replace a very important component of the TV.

Behind the screen, there is always a metal, so replace that metal with a matching metal that will not create any problems in future.


If instead of the red line, you are noticing red dots on your TV, there is a great possibility that this is some sort of dirt or dust.

So, simply grab a soft cloth (maybe a towel) and clean the screen gently. If the red line is still there even after cleaning, clean the screen again, but this time apply some pressure on the place where you feel that red dots always pop up.

How to Fix Red Line on My TV?

The solution to the problem depends on the magnitude of the problem. For example, if the problem is out of control, you will need to call a professional.

While talking about reasons, we have told you some fixes for the red line depending on the cause. Right?

But before anything else, you should try these fixes that are just simple techniques to get away with it.

So, let’s start with the easiest one:

Change the Channel:

This is probably the most obvious thing a person does when he sees a red line on his TV. But we still need to address this solution, as many people skip this fix because they think that doing anything will make things worse.

So, change the channel because there is a possibility that this problem is due to an interruption of the broadcasting signal.

Your TV can be alright!

But how will you check whether the problem is with your broadcasting signal source or not?

If you watch TV (usually) on cable or satellite, change the channel to IPTV and vice versa. If the red line stays there, the problem is with your TV; otherwise, call your service provider, as the TV is not the issue now.

Be Patient:

Don’t panic because that red line could be an image burn-in. Well, there are two types of image burn-in:

  • Image Persistence
  • Image Retention

Image persistence is a temporary thing and will go away after a few minutes. At the same time, image retention will not go away until it’s repaired.

But the problem is that you can’t guess whether your TV has image persistence or image retention. So for that, simply wait for some minutes and see if the red line persists or not.

Reset the TV:

Here it is! Another way of getting rid of that annoying red line on the TV screen.

Many people think that this is just a gamble, but it is actually a hack that mostly works.

Actually, by doing it, the TV reboots and tells the TV screen to go back to its default condition or setting, which in most cases, vanishes the red line.

Ways of Resetting a TV:

There are two ways to reset your TV (in general). So, read both and follow the one that seems good to you.

Resetting A TV

For the first method, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘main menu’ of your TV and find the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. After going to settings, find the reset button.
  3. If you don’t get any reset button, go to factory settings and then find the reset button.
  4. After that, follow the instructions on your TV to reset it.
  5. And that’s it!

The first method will work well for almost everyone. But if you are unable to find a reset option on your TV, try the second method of resetting your TV:

  1. Grab the remote and turn the TV off.
  2. Unplug the main wire of your TV.
  3. Wait for a few minutes and re-plug it.
  4. Now, turn the TV on using the remote and see whether the red line stays.

Bottom Line:

Now, you know why there is a red line on your TV.

Furthermore, you also know how to get rid of that thin red line.

If you have tried all of our given ways to fix this issue but are still not able to get rid of it, the only thing left is to call a professional.

You can also go for calling your TV’s manufacturer or retailer to see if it’s under warranty.

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