Will 8K HDMI Cable Work On 4K TV?

Will 8K HDMI Cable Work On 4K TV? – [Complete Information]

Nowadays there are multiple types of HDMI cables available in the market. So people get confused and ask questions about whether 8K HDMI cables are suitable for 4K TVs. So here is the answer:

Yes, You can use an 8K HDMI cable for a 4K TV if a manufacturer mentioned it in the TV manual. Ideally, you should not use it as it can cause lag issues.

So don’t need to worry about buying an HDMI cable for your TV. Read out this guide to know why you should or why not use an 8K HDMI cable for a 4K TV.

Can I Use 8k HDMI Cables For A 4K TV?

Yes, you can!

You can use an 8K HDMI cable for a 4K TV if you want to upgrade your TV. If you don’t have an 8K cable you can use HDMI 2.0 cable for most of the 4K TV because these cables are compatible with them.

4k hdmi cables

Some brands released 4K TV models that support high refresh rates. So 8K cables are suitable for those TVs.

Luckily, an HDMI 2.1 cable can support 4K content at around 120 frames/sec. This version is also ideal for a high-end gaming experience.

If your TV manual does not contain any information about using 8K cables for 4K TVs, then it is recommended not to use them. The reason is when you connect an 8K HDMI cable to a 4K TV its resolution will upgrade to 4K. Due to this upgrade resolution becomes blurry.

It can also cause lagging issues. So always check your 4K TV manual before connecting an 8K cable.

How Does An HDMI Cable Work?

An HDMI cable is responsible for transferring data from an input source to output devices. The input source may be a DVD player or the output source would be a TV or your PC monitor.

HDMI cable is a connection source between your TV and the source device.

With video and audio signals, HDMl carries DDC (Digital Data Channel), CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), or Ethernet data connection.

Basic Types Of HDMI Cables:

In recent years different versions of HDMl cables have been developed. All the HDMI cables have to follow some fundamental specifications depending on the features they support.

HDMI 1.4

HDMI 1.4 cables are developed to accommodate 4K content. It provides you bandwidth that handles 4K video for around 24 frames/sec.

Then this cable evolved to HDMI 1.4a and HDMl 1.4b.

HDMl 2.0

This HDMl 2.0 was developed in 2013. Later it was revised to HDMI 2.0a and HDMl 2.0b. These versions increase the bandwidth of HDMI cables between 10.2Gbps to 18Gbps.

This version of HDMI cables broadens its support to 4K video at 60 frames/sec.

HDMI 2.1

This version will be developed in 2018. It supports more than 8K resolution and a bandwidth of 48Gbps.

An HDMI 2.1 can handle 8K and 4K video at more than 120 frames/second.

Can I Use A Normal HDMI Cable For A 4K TV?

Normal HDMI cable serves different purposes. Like it can be a standard HDMl cable or a usual HDMI cable. However, both of these are different.


HDMI Cable

Standard HDMl cable is one form of HDMI cable. Types of cables depend on bandwidth and speed. HDMI cables come in three types: ultra-high speed, high speed, and standard.

If you have a 4K TV, then you have to use a high-speed or ultra-high-speed HDMI cable for your TV. Because in this case, normal HDMl cable won’t work out.

Nowadays the most commonly used cable is HMDl 2.0 which can support a 4K TV.

HDMI Cables For 8k/4k Tvs:

You require an HDMI cable of 120 Hz for 4K and 8K TVs so that they will support high-resolution TV. In this case, HDMI 2.1 cables are suitable because they can support 4K for around 120 Hz and 8K for around 60 Hz.

HDMl 2.1 is the most advanced version of HDMI cables. So this cable is ideal for you. However, HDMl 2.0 cables are not for 8K, they can only support 4K resolutions.

Qualities Of HDMI Cable:

HDMI cables are a purely digital interface that is the only way to connect your TV sets to high-resolution devices like DVD players.

HDMl is not only a set of cables or ports at the back side of your TV – it is like a set of rules that supports high-resolution devices for communication. HDMI cables have become rapidly popular in recent years.

Most commonly two versions are high-speed HDMI 2.0 which supports 4K TV and Ultra high-speed HDMI 2.0 supports 8K TVs. Some benefits of these cables are:

  • Delivers high-resolution digital videos.
  • Provides theater-quality sound.
  • Connects TV and DVD players.
  • Makes your entertainment less daunting

However, the quality of the HDMl cable varies depending on its type, material, and cost. If you purchase a cheap HDMI cable then there is a risk of breakage or signal issues.

You should notice the difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cables. You should wisely choose an HDMI cable, especially when buying long-length HDMI cables that have high-quality components like Electromagnetic interface (EMI) coating.

HDMI Cables

However, not every cable has these qualities. If you buy a cheap HDMI cable it will not have higher quality features.


Hope you got your answer on how to use an 8K HDMI cable for a 4K TV.

But you have to consider a few things while choosing an HDMI cable for your TV. Take a thorough review of the HDMI cable, and ask about its type, material, and specifications. This will clear all your confusion about whether it supports your TV or not.

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