Will A 75 Inch TV Fit In My SUV?

Will A 75 Inch TV Fit In My SUV? – [Read Before Transporting]

Now, when you finally have bought a 75-inch smart TV, the biggest problem is its transportation if you don’t want to spend bucks on it.

Anyways, you have an option for transportation, but will a 75-inch TV fit in my SUV?

In most cases, you can fit a 75-inch TV in your SUV. But you need to consider a bunch of things before jumping into the process.

You need a bunch of things to know and understand to avoid any serious problems because your TV screen is extremely delicate.

But don’t worry and keep reading as till the end, you will be able to transport your 75-inch TV in an SUV:

Main Things to Consider Before Fitting a 75-inch TV in Your SUV:

75-Inch TV In SUV

TV Dimensions:

The first and probably the most important thing you need to do here is measure the dimensions of the TV you are buying. While measuring dimensions, you need to take a measuring tape and gauge for measuring the width, height, and depth of the TV.

Usually, these are the dimensions of a 75-inch TV:

  • Width of around 66 inches
  • Height of around 38 inches
  • Depth of around 3 inches

But we would never recommend you depending on these dimensions because brand, country, region, and even model can make a difference.

SUV Cargo Area Dimensions:

After measuring the TV’s dimensions, your next job is to measure the dimensions of the cargo area of your car. It is to make sure that your SUV can transport a 75-inch TV.

Other than measuring, you should also observe and imagine the space where a 75-inch TV will fit there. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • Is there anything that can harm the TV screen?
  • Is this space of my SUV soft enough?
  • Will that 75-inch TV completely fit there, or will there be some space left?

SUV Seats:

Some modern SUVs come up with bendable seats so that you can get more space for cargo. If your car has those seats, you never need to be worried about the space. Just one driver and a well-packed TV can easily go in any SUV in the world if you have these seats.

TV Packaging:

At this point, you know whether your car can take a 75-inch TV or not because you have taken the essential measurements. Right?

Now, TV packages also matter a lot as they will determine whether your TV will stay safe or not. If the company hasn’t done nice packaging, you should do it yourself.

For that:

  • Keep the TV and especially the screen on a super soft surface.
  • Keep the TV upside down as it’s the best way of transporting this big TV.
  • Make sure the box is packed, and the TV isn’t shaking in the box.

Secondary Things to Consider Before Fitting a 75-inch TV in Your SUV:

The things we discussed earlier are the most important ones, but it does never mean that you should leave secondary stuff aside.

fitting 75 Inch TV In SUV

These are also quite important things but are kept on the secondary list as they do not have a direct relation with your car or TV. So, let’s start the list:

Weight Distribution:

You need to see if all sides of the TV box weigh the same or if different sides have different weights due to external equipment.

Uneven weight distribution can affect the vehicle’s handling and stability and could even cause damage to the TV.

Weather Conditions:

Bad weather can lead you to a worse fate. If it’s raining or something, delay the process, as watering the TV with rainwater isn’t a wise step.

Time Constraints:

If you have less time, maybe because the vehicle you have rented is to be given back, extend the time of rent. Never rush the process, and always keep things calm.

Driver Experience:

Are you doing it for the first time, or have you done this before? If you are a first-timer, call someone who is experienced.

Additional Equipment:

If the size and weight are way more than what you thought, you might also need some additional equipment like straps, tie-downs, or a hand truck for transportation.

Route Planning:

Never choose a bumpy road with shocks only because it’s the shortcut. Be patient and drive nicely on clean routes to safely transport the TV.

Transporting a 75-inch TV in Your SUV: Challenges and Solutions:

Transporting a 75-Inch TV in Your SUV

1. Size and Weight:

100 pounds!

Can you carry a TV for 100 pounds and place it in your TV, and then go home?

You already know the size, but weight is something you might be underestimating.

Solution: Call someone to help you in this whole process! Maybe your brother, friend, father, or anyone who can pick up 100 pounds with you.

2. Fragility:

Smart TVs of this age are extremely fragile and delicate. You can’t drive on bumpy tracks with bumps and shocks, as you might end up with a broken TV screen.

Solution: Make sure you have securely fastened and padded with blankets or foam if there are no other routes for transportation.

3. Legal Considerations:

Weight limits and traffic laws can also hurt you, as 75-inch TV isn’t a small thing.

Solution: Make sure you know the laws of your city or state. As you know, the weight of the TV just ensures that transporting it will not be considered as the preaching of the weight limit law.

4. Narrow Doorways:

There is also a possibility that your house’s doors are quite narrow, and it looks impossible to carry a 75-inch TV through them.

Solution: Don’t overtry as it can damage the TV. You should first disassemble the TV and then cross it through those narrow spaces.

5. Perfect Vehicle:

Most will do the job, but not every SUV is perfect for this job.

Solution: if you think that vehicle isn’t that big, but you also don’t want to spend money on professional transporters, don’t hesitate to rent a larger vehicle.


Hence, you know the answer to this question: Will a 75-inch TV Fit In My SUV?

Is there anything else you wanted us to cover in this article? If so, tell us freely!

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